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Bell & Ross watches can adorn your wardrobe in the most exquisite way. Bell & Ross watches for sale are the most pretty and super-elegant timepieces that never let you miss out on buying one or two of them. The generic look of the Bell & Ross watches is hands down, the finest and second to none. The novelties listed below are Bell & Ross Vintage watches that come in different sizes and shapes for both the genders. If we try and produce a list for Bell & Ross Vintage timepieces, it would be an extensive one. There are scores of handsome vintage timepieces that come under the category of Bell & Ross Vintage watches.

Let’s just make a quick selection and shed light upon the most attractive and affordable timepieces on the long list.

BRV1-92 Military, Bell & Ross Vintage Watch 

The name of this Bell & Ross Vintage watch is self-explanatory. It is the most sober-looking and simplest timepiece out of all. The main highlight is the stitched strap in calfskin brown color. The stitches are mildly visible and give the strap a consummate kind of look. The case placed right in the middle of the watch is made of pure steel with a stainless surface. Inside the round case, there’s a black dial with golden hands showing hours, minutes, and central seconds.

This Bell & Ross Vintage piece is specially carved out for decent personalities fond of simplicity and coherence. It is a perfect office watch. It is not sassy and party-like timepiece. In fact, it complements office wear in every way.

BR V2-92 Garde-Côtes Vintage Watch 

Here comes the classy black rubber strap along with a 41 mm satin-polished steel case. The dial itself is present in grey and includes a duo of black and orange on the edges with hands, numerals, and indices in white. It is surrounded by a beautiful black aluminum ring and a sixty-minute scale. It has a sapphire back case which supports the piece. Meanwhile, the exquisite black strap has tiny rhombuses drawn on it which gives it a catchy look. This Bell & Ross Vintage timepiece can be donned to offices as well as social evenings. It gives a sensuous touch to one’s overall look.

BR V2-94 Aeronavale Vintage Watch 

This is a very special timepiece due to the value it adds to your personality. The elegance of this Bell & Ross Vintage watch fixes your gaze. The steel case is coupled with a steel bezel with a blue aluminum ring and push buttons. The combination of sunray blue and golden makes the dial of this Bell & Ross Vintage the center of attention. The blue surface of the dial is filled with golden hour and minute hands, numerals, and indices. The strap consists of polished steel and a folding buckle. Silver is the most adorable color when it comes to timepieces. The glory of silver never faints. Young boys who like to don a manly garb should never undermine this Bell & Ross Vintage watch.

Innovative Square Watches 

Bell & Ross presents some outstanding timepieces with a square case instead of a round one which is too cliche. The extraordinarily sophisticated Bell & Ross square watches are there in the market to entertain your sight and add finesse to your watch collection. Let’s cut to the chase and enlist a pair of Bell & Ross men’s square watches!

Bell & Ross Aviation Gold 

There’s brown leather used to make the strap with white stitch-marks on the borders. The strap is scarcely wide and comes along a steel case, polished and stainless. The dial is a duo of black and golden; the face is black while the numerals, indices, and hands are shown in golden. There’s also a screw down crown and no push button attached beside the plain steel case. It exhibits hours, minutes, seconds, and the date. It is also water-resistant, so you don’t need to be extra careful with it.

Bell & Ross Br03-94 Automatic Chronograph Stainless Steel Aviation Watch 

This is by far the classiest and trendiest Bell & Ross Men’s Square watch. The focal point of the watch which is the strap is made up of rubber with some measure of nylon used. The black rubber strap makes it look very boyish. The dial is exclusively available in black with white markers and broad hour and minute hands, while the second hand is thinner than a needle. It has a screw down crown and two push buttons beside the black case.

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The founders and owners Bruno Bell and Carlos Ross had the vision to manufacture well-functioning and long-lasting timepieces since they were in college. The success of their brand, Bell & Ross, ascertains their firm vision and accurate analytics they made to revolutionize the world of horology. So, you can never go wrong with their watches.

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You’re likely to know a Bell and Ross watch when you see one because of their unique design and shape. The company was inspired from the long rich past of aviation and wanted to execute crafting high quality timepieces. Bell and Ross’ goal was to be a part of the historic Swiss watchmaking tradition and that’s what they did with their collections, including the Instruments and Vintage watches.
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