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Introduction to Breitling Bentley Watches  

Rather than simply a device with which to tell the time, a watch should be an expression of creative genius and technological excellence both. Breitling Bentley watches are a collaborative effort from two of the planet’s most highly esteemed luxury brands. The end product of high end engineering, artistic spark and a strong desire to produce items of the utmost in quality, the watches in the Breitling Bentley family are a tour de force of horology.  

Elegance oozes from every Breitling Bentley timepiece, from the rubber strap to the elegant casing. Breitling Bentley watches pack in a wide variety of special styles and continue to appeal to even the most discerning of connoisseurs the world over.  

It is possible to catch a glimpse of the specially developed Manufacturing Breitling movement imbued with bags of skill and knowledge, beneath the radiator grille of some Breitling Bentley watches. All Breitling for Bentley movements are chronometer-certified by the COSC. It is easy to change the primary hour hand to local time by only pulling out the crown and turning it around in hour slots. This is a remarkable feat done without losing any of the precision as far as minutes whilst with the automatic forward and backward date changing serve as another beautiful addition to these watches. What’s more, the unique hand continues to display the home time in 24-hour style, thereby allowing the user to see in between day and night.  

Breitling Bentley Features   

Referred to across the globe as the innovative force in modern chronographs, Breitling blends creativity, technology and beauty to create accurate, flying informed watches that can withstand the most difficult conditions that the land, sea and air throw at them.  

Boasting a laser like focus on high end crafting, scientific abilities, and aesthetics, the Breitling Bentley range has a variety of special user friendly features and perks. With the ability to show off super accurate time readings and much more besides, these ultra high performance watches are the peak of luxury, technical timepieces that have a key role to play in some of the globe’s most vital and difficult occupations.  

A luxury watchmaker renowned for creating both timepieces and smart measuring tools in his St. Imier manufacture, Léon Breitling was always a vaunted name in the Swiss horology business. Indeed, in just a little time, the smart features that he made for his pocket watches made Léon’s brand a top one.  

When in 1889, Léon Breitling was granted a patent for a stripped back watch, which separated itself from the pack with a smart style, simple manufacturing and easy up keep. In fact, Léon Breitling put most of his effort on chronographs, which were becoming more and more popular in the last 19th century for their industrial, military and scientific uses as well as for sporting reasons.

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