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Introduction to Breitling Chronomat Watches  

Léon Breitling was an extremely well respected watchmaker who made both watches and intelligent measuring tools in his St. Imier factory. Within a little time, the clever features that he made for his pocket watches made Léon’s brand a top one.  

Actually, Léon Breitling placed the majority of his time on creating chronographs, which were becoming more and more popular in the last 19th century for their industrial, military and scientific uses as well as for sporting reasons. In 1889, Léon Breitling was awarded a patent for a minimalist watch, which separated itself from the pack with a smart style, simple manufacturing and easy up keep.   

Léon Breitling passed away in 1914 and his son Gaston took over the family name. He had inherited his father’s ingenious spirit, creativity, and an unquenchable love for chronographs, which he showed in 1915 with the release of one of the globe’s very first chronographs with an iconic push-piece right over the watch crown.  

Breitling Gets Stronger  

The brand went from strength to strength until 1952 with the release of a totally original watch that to this day remains a legend. The Breitling Navitimer is an amalgamation of the words navigation and timer, boasting as it does with the flight specific slide rule that was first launched with the Breitling Chronomat watch. Certainly, it is no surprise that thousands of pilots, airlines and aircraft manufacturers have decided to go with this timepiece.  

In the wake of the registration of Breitling Montres SA in 1982, the brand moved to the town of  Grenchen under new ownership. Indeed, the company had its 100th anniversary in 1984 with a totally renovated Breitling Chronomat marking the occasion. This was a watch famous for its bezel and its stunning automatic calibre. The watch was inspired by a watch that Breitling had created the year before the famous flying group Frecce Tricolori.   

Then, in May 2017, Breitling was bought by CVC Capital Partners and in July of that year, Georges Kern took on the mantle of CEO. With his group, Kern, who had by then forged a top reputation in horology, was able to continue the extremely beautiful Breitling story whose roots stretched all the way back to a miniscule factory in St. Imier in the late 19th century.  

All in all, the Breitling Avenger is a classic of modern Swiss horology, a maculine yet elegant timepiece that has garnered a serious following across the globe. Still just as suitable for aviation as when it was created, the Avenger is a stunning watch that holds within it all of the history of this most revered brand.

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Breitling Chronomat Watches
The Breitling Chronomat was first initially made for an aerobatics team, but it’s clear now that it is an excellent choice for everyone. Being around for more than 30 years, the watch has made its impact in the world of watches. The beautiful wrist watch comes in a variety of colors and option features.
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