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Let’s take a closer look at some of the timepieces in the Breitling Professional range. The Cockpit is a watch boasting a titanium case of the multifunction electronic Cockpit B50 chronograph is a special Breitling Caliber B50 – a SuperQuartz caliber with both analog and digital shows. Not only this, but the chronograph has split time and flyback functions, it with a double time zone, a calendar, two alarms, a lap function and a countdown timer with alarm adding to the quality on offer.   

Other creative features are the electronic tachymeter, a ”countdown/countup“ feature and the “chrono flight” part for showing flight times. The special crystal LCD screens have a backlighting part that can be used by pushing the crown or just flicking your wrist.   

The Aerospace, which Breitling released in 1985 as an ingenious, multifaceted chronograph blessed with modern Swiss abilities. A descendent to this famous model, the Aerospace Evo has the same strong, beautiful and functional style – blended with the newest electronic aims. Boasting an officially chronometer-certified SuperQuartz caliber, the Aerospace is original in its user friendly style with crown-activated features such as a 1/100th of a second chronograph, countdown timer, second time zone, alarm, audible time signal and calendar.  

Breitling Watches Reputation   

Breitling has forged a reputation as a brand at the peak of tech by creating the Emergency watch, the globe’s first ever timepiece boasting a special dual frequency distress beacon: a unique feature boasting serious technical elegance. This flexible electronic chronograph is inspired by a dual frequency transmitter that shows alerts in addition to as guides homing and rescue operations. With a special rechargeable battery, a small transmitter and an original integrated antenna feature, the Emergency is a real safety tool that is perfect for professionals and those seeking adventure.  

In making its initial connected chronograph, Breitling puts the smartphone at the disposal of the timepiece so as to show off its use. The Exospace B55 has a caliber boasting a variety of original functions specifically crafted for pilots and boaters. These include an electronic tachymeter, a counting system, a chrono device for recording flight and regattas.  

The beauty of this model lies in its ease of use, boosted by the minimal and functional control mode along with two easy to read LCD screens with a special lighting feature that can be shown by pushing the crown or just flicking the wrist. This high end, high spec feature comes in a titanium case with a special bezel in addition to a strong, athletic strap.  

Upon the registration of Breitling Montres SA in 1982, the brand moved to the town of Grenchen under new owners. Certainly, the brand had its 100th anniversary in 1984 with a totally new Chronomat showing the occasion. This was a timepiece known for its bezel and its amazing automatic calibre. The watch was inspired by a watch that Breitling had created the year before the famous flying group Frecce Tricolori.   

In 2017, Breitling was brought under the control of CVC Capital Partners. With this, Georges Kern took over the mantle of CEO and, with his group Kern, who had by then made a big name for himself in horology, he was able to continue the stunning Breitling story whose roots stretched all the way back to a miniscule factory in St. Imier in the late 19th century.  

All in all the Breitling Professional family is home to some truly magnificent watches that manage to both look the part and fulfil all of the specialized and varied needs of those professionals for whom they have been specifically created.

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