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When the Italian heritage brand first launched the Bulgari LVCEA watch back in 2014, it caused a huge stir at Baselworld, globe’s blue riband watchmaking conference. The Bulgari LVCEA managed to fuse a distinctly Bulgari look with something altogether unseen, with traces of the iconic Serpenti visible. A surprisingly austere style proved a great hit with watch lovers the world over.  

Ideal for daily us, the Bulgari LVCEA brings a sense of luxury and timeless elegance to day to day life. Indeed, this is a watch that work equally as well during a trip to your favourite coffee shop as it does to a formal dinner. This fact is a testament to Bulgari’s uncanny ability to provide amazing timepieces that have a unique crossover appeal.  

The Bulgari Lvcea is no exception. In fact, this timepiece was specifically aimed at women of all levels of income, from highly successful individuals with a quality watch collection to younger enthusiasts looking to buy their first luxury timepiece.  

The nuanced approach that went into designing this stunning watch is revealed in its 33 mm wide dial which is somehow both showy and sophisticated all at once. The inclusion of a date window is a welcome complication that manages to charm without appearing garish or obtrusive whatsoever. Then there’s the bracelet, the most clearly jewellery-like of all elements, in which it becomes clear that the legendary Bulgari Serpenti was a big inspiration in creating this watch.   

Rugged yet elegant, the bracelet is a seamless addition to any wrist and Bulgari pride themselves on the comfort of their watch bracelets. The purple cabochon is a classy addition that brings a lovely flash of color.  

History of Bvlgari

Bulgari was created in Italy when Greek keweller Sotirio Bulgari first opened a store in Via Sistina in Rome all the way back in 1884. His sons, the Bulgari brothers, would make the brand a huge success in the early 20th century with their commitment and passion for precious stones and jewellery. Then, at the culmination of WWII, Bulgari became synonymous with Italy’s elites and the Dolce Vita years which would soon follow. Indeed, the brand was a favourite for film stars of the calibre of Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn, whose careers were tied intimately with Italian culture.  

Bulgari began an international campaign to expand in the 1970’s with their first inroads into watchmaking. The first Bulgari timepiece was the Bulgari-Bulgari, launched in 1977 only three years before the brand established Bulgari Time in Switzerland. Bulgari slowly gained the respect of the Swiss watchmaking community by producing expertly made timepieces at its highly advanced HQ. 

By merging with a range of established Swiss horology companies, Bulgari was able to launch its first mechanical movement designed, created and put together in-house in 2010.

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