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Introduction to Cartier Ronde de Cartier Watches

The total style of the Ronde de Cartier watch is a truly iconic and unique one. Traditions of the family such as the legendary rounded silhouette of the dial, the big numerals, the gold touches, and also the steel and alligator accents that make up this timepiece. The most modern models from the family include the Ronde Solo de Cartier and the Ronde Louis Cartier, which are available in many sizes and a range of shapes.  

Purveyors of the finest high end products, Cartier has repeatedly shown its ability in the realm of legendary watch creation and this has never been more true than of the Ronde Solo de Cartier. The watch was brought into the Cartier family in 2009 along with the now iconic Cartier Tank Solo and almost instantly became a favourite piece with enthusiasts due to its elegance and sophistication.   

A legendary watch that holds all of Cartier’s legendary high end values within its exceptional microengineering and design, the expertise and craftsmanship with which this watch was made are a stunning example of Cartier’s amazing dedication to perfection. In fact, there are nine styles of watch within the family of the Ronde de Cartier. Featuring a range of luxurious metals and gems, these models come in white and rose gold and offer elements such as diamond bezels or diamond covered dials for the most luxurious of watches.   

Indeed, the entire range of Ronde de Cartier models sport a rounded and sophisticated style. Elegant and sophisticated, beautiful on all wearers, the Ronde de Cartier stands out even in a collection of watches from a brand so renowned for its stunning creations.  

Cartier's Legacy Continues 

Created in 2009 for the first time, by this most exquisite brand and legendary group of horologists. The Ronde de Cartier was a pioneering timepiece for the era and became sought after due to the relatively small amount that were created. With stunning, inward leaning lugs and a stunning sapphire crown, this is truly a legendary timepiece that will continue to thrill wearers the world over for years to come.  

A unique classic that always combines function and form to a tee, the Ronde de Cartier watch has a luxurious, elegant design with all the features one would expect from a stunning Cartier timepiece. Indeed, the Ronde Louis Cartier watch has been something of an inspiration luxury watches down the years.  

Featuring Roman numerals and the famous sword hands, the Ronde de Cartier is famous for a steel bracelet and extremely high functioning performance. There is a sapphire cabochon  here that brings some of the most tasteful flair to this timepiece, a legendary addition from Cartier, one of the world’s great watchmakers.   

The Ronde de Cartier shimmers with elegance, combining flair and performance to the highest degree creating a watch that is unparalleled in its beauty both inside and out. This automatic watch is, without a shadow of a doubt one of the most sought after luxury pieces on the market today.

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