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More than 30 years ago, a Casio engineer decided to create a watch that never breaks, thus challenging the very nature of reality to a duel. This watch would need to battle shock and impact, whilst high water pressures would also be a tough obstacle to scale. Ever since, the brand of G-Shock has developed into a symbol for pioneering attitudes the world over.  

Distressed by a smashed pocket watch that had been a gift from his dad, Ibue decided to make an unbreakable watch designed after a triple 10 basis. Namely, it was key that the watch be water tight to 10bar, have at least a 10 year battery length and most vital of all, remain in tact from a minimum drop height of ten metres.  

Certainly G-Shock timepieces are notable not only because of their tough style, but also with their technical specialities. With eco-friendly solar technology and Bluetooth capability all the way to GPS and radio, the G-Shock family tends to pack in plenty of tech into a single wrist piece.  

Due to the pioneering GPS Hybrid technology, a blend of energy efficient high spec GPS and radio technology, time change is ensured by two super strong systems that bounce off one another and as a result show the exact time at essentially every location on the planet. Wherever possible, the G-Shock automatically gets the radio signal of the world’s regions, and then displays the right time with pinpoint accuracy in Europe, North America and Japan, as well as in far flung areas of Canada, Central America and China. Where these signals are not possible, the watch changes the time using GPS in what is also a totally automatica style. As a result, time can also be shown manually using one system or the other.  

Every radio-controlled G-Shock timepiece has a small antenna that ensures exact time recording due to radio signal receiving. The pluses of radio-controlled timepieces are clear: Once adjusted to the right time zone, G-Shock watches continue to display the perfect local time. They get radio signals in almost the whole of Europe as well as in lots of models also North America, parts of Canada and Mexico, as well as Japan and China. In Europe, the switch from summer to winter time zones is totally automatic too.  

It’s true that every real connoisseur has a G-Shock in their collection, whilst some even have exclusively these legendary Japanese timepieces. With over 100 million sold and counting, asio continues to release over 1000 new models each year.  

Without doubt, what shines most about the G-Shock to the watch’s true fans is its capacity for development and pioneering technology. This is a watch that was ‘smart’ long before Apple’s watch came out. As Casio looks to continue to push boundaries with its most iconic rage of watches, new styles and technologies are surely just a short while away.

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Casio G-Shock Watches
Out of out the Casio watch collections, the G-Shock collection has been widely popular over the years again and again. Seemingly never losing its touch, the G-Shock collection of watches is the perfect watch if you’re looking for something that is durable and reliable.
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