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Chopard Watches - “A Front-row Seat on Precision and Reliability” 

Before Chopard could be summed up by that sentence above us, the brand’s success was personally engineered by its namesake—Louis-Ulysse Chopard. Louis-Ulysse founded Chopard in 1860, and originally, that was through his rather limited collection of ladies’ and pocket watches. But skip a few years ahead, the son-of-a-farmer (from Sonvilier) turned Swiss watchmaker started a creative process that was tailored to success. That is, he came up with enough innovations to win accolades and put the brand in the spotlight.

Chopard’s Accolades 

Chopard dates back to the 19th century where the brand created timepieces that were reliable, precise, and always found in the best housings. So they were easily good enough to enter the good graces of that time’s equivalent of a celebrity. For example, Chopard has visited the court of the Tsar Nicholas II of Russia—a country that was a Superpower at the time. Following that, the brand also won two commissions; which made it one of the official watch providers for Tir Fédéral (Federal Shooting event for archers) and the Swiss Railways.

Handover to the Karl Scheufele Company 

In 1963, the brand was sold to Karl Scheufele because of the interests of the parties involved. For Paul André Chopard, none of his sons were interested in following the family business, so he wanted to sell the company to someone of like mind. For Karl Scheufele III, the owner of a jewelry company based in Germany, he wanted a literal slice of the Swiss cheese. So, the brand was sold to Karl Scheufele III who expertly combined the experiences of both companies but left the name untouched.

Chopard Models for Men and Women 

As a century+ old brand, Chopard has had more than enough time to create a few milestones. Here is a breakdown of some of them.

Chopard’s L.U.C 

Primarily, the L.U.C collection was the result of Chopard’s chase for the tag ‘Manufacturer’. The name tag describes watchmakers who make all of their watch components in-house. So, watches here usually feature powerful movements, unique complications, and sleek designs. For the modern man or woman, the L.U.C XP and XPS models are dress watches that come in 40 mm cases—and uses self-winding movements from the rather effective L.U.C 96 series. The movements feature power reserves of approximately 65 hours. If classics are the tools, the L.U.C Heritage features vintage-like timepieces that wouldn't look too bad on James Bond. Anything other than these 2 features complications such as tourbillions, moon phases, and chronographs.

Chopard Happy Diamonds 

This Chopard Happy Diamonds collection places major emphasis on free-spirited when it concerns describing the collection to their female audience. The line is home to watches that feature diamond bezels and prong-set diamonds that dance across the aesthetically pleasing cloudy mother of pearl dial. Inside, movements with 42-hour power reserve keep the time ticking.

The Mille Miglia; for Everything Car Race Enthusiasts 

The Mille Miglia features watches that ranks amongst the best Chopard watches online. And it's all due to Karl Scheufele and his son, Karl Friederic’s love for the Mille Miglia Classic Race. The Mille Miglia collection—including the Racing Stripes edition was born as a result of this. The line in its entirety is specifically geared towards the car racing crowd. Evidence is the use of car designs from the years, 1927 to 1940. The Mille Miglia 2018 Race Edition model is a typical example which uses a self-winding mechanical movement and also acts as a chronograph (boasts a 30-minute counter). It's an understatement to say it's for people who find trill in a good race.

Chopard Happy Sport Collection 

The Happy Sport collection is popular for its odd mix of materials. It uses a combination of high-grade stainless steel and diamonds to pull of an undeniably satisfying combo of price, strength/performance, and luxury. Watches here are available in square, round, and oval cases. Obviously, these shapes are for the ladies.

The Imperiale Collection for the Ladies 

This Imperiale collection holds the most feminine watches that Chopard has come up with over the years. Anything from pink, green tourmaline, and mother of pearl dials that are held in 28-36 mm cases—to the subtle mix of 18k gold, stainless steel, and diamonds can be found in this collection.

Chopard Watch Prices; Reasonable and Accommodating 

Chopard watches are not as expensive as the likes of Rolex due to the brand’s choice in materials. Chopard uses a stainless-steel case because of its durability and cost-friendly nature, adds some gold elements in the form of the lug, and then diamonds if you're looking through their women's collections. Self-winding mechanical movements are another one of the brand’s highlights, but as is the norm for the brand, the movements are not restricted to particular pieces and prices are reasonable. Both their L.U.C collection and sport/women’s collections are usually below $10,000.

Shopping for Chopard Watches Online 

Personality-wise, Chopard watches that you'll find online are perfectly fit for the working-class citizen, which literally means everybody (both gents and the ladies). To that, here at, you'll find various Chopard timepieces available in different price ranges and style/function to suit your personal taste.

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Chopard Watches
From sports watches to beautiful luxurious pieces, Chopard was has been committed to making timepieces since they were founded in 1860. With a handful of choices to choose from, one of their earliest watches is still one of their most popular ones - Happy Diamonds. Other top choices from the Chopard collection would include Mille Miglia, Happy Sport, L.U.C. and of course the Classic Racing collection.
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