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The earliest model of the Chopard Happy Diamonds watch was a stunning 18k white gold iteration, the face available in either solid or clear styles In fact, it could be said that the Chopard Happy Diamonds is the feminine timepiece that has created the most impact of any released by this legendary Swiss maison.   

Louis-Ulysse Chopard, founder of the brand, was the son of a farmer who, at the young age of 24, launched Maison Chopard to great fanfare. Making works of art with unique styles which nonetheless possessed serious precision and reliability, Chopard watches became highly coveted in the 19th century.  

With amazing accuracy, Chopard developed into a genuinely respected and luxury brand that creates every one of their products in Switzerland. A real icon of Sonvilier, in the famous Swiss Jura region, Chopard is a modern day legend that commands respect across the globe. 

One of the key elements of the company is the fact that they place the training of their artisans at the top of their priorities. Regarding workshops, the brand ensures that key skills are passed down from worker to worker. Indeed, Chopard can call on a wealth of resources when it comes to highly skilled workers specialising in dozens of different niches.  

Chopard Family

Each product family from Chopard is inspired on the passions of a member of the Chopard family. Indeed, things like gorgeous precious stones, retro racing cars, amazing jewellery pieces or the pinnacle of precision and finishing details in watchmaking. Blue riband functions such as the Cannes Film Festival, the Mille Miglia race or the French Grand Prix are events that allow Chopard to demonstrate its adoration of and backing for everything from art to racing.  

In a nod to its storied history and nuanced philosophy, self sufficiency is the key tenet of this brand. This goes a long way to showing why it is that the creation of Chopard timepieces has got to such a stunning level of vertical integration. Indeed, Chopard has been able to keep a flawless amount of brilliance and forward thinking to ensure that the knowhow remained pure down the years.  

All in all, the Chopard Happy Diamonds is a stunning women’s watch that embodies the historic elegance of this most esteemed Swiss maison. Dripping in luxury and yet timelessly sophisticated, the Chopard Happy Diamonds is a real triumph of a timepiece that has garnered a cult following across the globe with both newcomers to horology as well as serious collectors and enthusiasts.

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