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The L.U.C. timepiece from Chopard has an iconic reputation among horology connoisseurs. Certainly, by providing a different option to those brans more generally aligned with luxury watches. Chopard, surprisingly to many, only began to create their own in house movements in 1996, little over twenty years ago. Indeed, Chopard quickly gained recognition for the quality of these calibres and these days the so called L.U.C. movements have developed into a symbol for the exceptional skill of the master craftsman working at Chopard’s workshops.  

All Chopard L.U.C. timepieces carry the FQF Quality Seal, an independent certification system that is certainly worth a deeper look. The Foundation was initially launched back in 2001 by luxury watchmakers Chopard, Parmigiani Fleurier, Vaucher Manufacture, and Bovet, who each use the Foundation to inspect and evaluate their timepieces through heavy testing. Whilst the Foundation's rigorous processes are available to any Swiss brand, only these four currently submit pieces for approval.  

The procedures include COSC certification, however there are other elements to the process including a Chronofiable test that assesses durability and the Fleuritest which is a precision test using a unique machine that acts out human activity to see its effects, if any, on the time telling ability of a watch. Indeed, the testing procedures come at a premium and so customers should also expect to pay a higher price for Chopard L.U.C. watches.  

Chopard Watches' Philosophy 

With the unerring accuracy of their watches, Chopard became a genuinely respected and luxury brand that creates every one of their products in Switzerland. A real icon of Sonvilier, in the famous Swiss Jura region, Chopard is a modern day legend that commands respect across the globe. One of the key elements of the company is the fact that they place the training of their artisans at the top of their priorities. Regarding workshops, the brand ensures that key skills are passed down from worker to worker. Indeed, Chopard can call on a wealth of resources when it comes to highly skilled workers specialising in dozens of different niches.  

In a nod to its storied history and nuanced philosophy, self sufficiency is the key tenet of this brand. This goes a long way to showing why it is that the creation of Chopard timepieces has got to such a stunning level of vertical integration. Indeed, Chopard has been able to keep a flawless amount of brilliance and forward thinking to ensure that the knowhow remained pure down the years.

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