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The Citizen Attesa Eco- Drive ATV53-3023 is the first analog digital chronograph timepiece boasting 4 area radio controlled reception. First launched in 2010, the watch is currently available in the USA and Japan.   

With a light titanium case as well as a  super non scratch Diamond like Carbon covering, this is a seriously high end timepiece. In fact, the use of this material brings a sense of glamour to the watch without the addition of any overtly gauche materials What’s more, there is sapphire gem covering for the dial which is essentially scratch proof with AR covering.   

Packed with the abilities for atomic adjustments, time motions work great in Japan, the US, Germany and China. Changes come at 2am, 3am and 4am. Indeed, the 4am alignment can be shifted to whichever part of the day that works, something that is ideal for night owls. During alignment, the second hand becomes a precise pointer.   

Solar controlled with a three and a half year function save, there are two elements of quality sparing. In addition, with a special control pointer and, the watch battery will likely never totally be finished.  

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Citizen is great at watchmaking and ingenious tech, promoting quality and creativity with a deeply held love for craftsmanship. Citizen advocates searching for and achieving goals that improve our lives. In this sense, Citizen comes together with groups and people that hold similar values including the RAF Red Arrows and Premiership Rugby.  

As an international brand, Citizen holds the responsibility to try to create positive change and continuous evolution to watchmaking. For more than 40 years, Citizen Eco-Drive has been able to show a true example of just how the company is able to make the globe and its area a more beautiful one. A basic yet also ingenious idea, Eco-Drive takes the strength of light from all natural or artificial light sources and makes it into power.   

With a renewable natural resource rather than filling our landfills with rubbish in the form of watch batteries. The brand name refers to Citizens ideas around inclusion with a global mindset to make watches that can be loved by people all over the globe.   

In 2019, Citizen held together an alliance with legendary studio Disney, a huge brand with deeply held and similar values to Citizen. Boasting a long term partnership with the company, Citizen and Disney want to bring together ideas in the Disney Parks, Marvel, Star Wars and much more besides. Indeed, Citizen is set to be the Official Timepiece of Walt Disney World and Disneyland by adding branded clocks to both theme parks together with other partnership placings.  

With a need to help improve man’s detriment on the world, Citizen is a major sponsor for Eric Larsen, the adventurer who goes on expeditions to the North and South Poles in 2018. As a guide and educator, Larsen has been traveling in some of the globe’s most hostile environments for the best part of 20 years. Indeed, he plans to use Citizen Promaster Altichron and Tough on the upcoming 2018 jaunts, making sure that any outdoor adventurer stays on track in terms of both time and space, something that is totally necessary for survival.

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