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Introduction to Citizen Bluetooth Watches  

Equipped with Citizen's unique photovoltaic power generation Eco-Drive technology, regular battery replacement as well as frequent charging via cables are not required. Indeed, It is charged as long as there is light just by sending everyday everyday. Moreover, it can be driven for up to 4 years with a single full charge (even if connected to a smartphone every day for about 9 months). Get stress-free everyday without worrying about charging.  

When a message such as a phone call or email arrives, the watch informs you with a sound, vibration, or needle movement. This means you can leave your smartphone in your bag during a meeting. Moreover, it comes with a “filtering function” that notifies only calls from selected people and selected SNS apps.Never miss a message from an important person. It's okay to lose your smartphone. You can search your smartphone by sounding it if it is within range.  

Also, if you leave your smartphone somewhere, the watch will notify you with sound, vibration, and hand movement. It prevents you from being separated from your smartphone. You can set alarms on your wristwatch with the sensuous operation of a smartphone app. The setting can be changed for each day of the week, so it can be used for reminders of various schedules as well as for alarming.  

Citizen Bluetooth Features  

The three-dimensional appearance of hands and dials, facial expressions that change depending on the viewing angle, and the feeling of ticking time. It is a unique personality that cannot be expressed with LCD, a gadget-style design is difficult to use at work. As a watchmaker, Citizen considers the essence of wristwatches more than anything else, and focuses on analog watches. Here is one of Citizen's answers to the essence of watches.  

The watch can only be used to accurately time the countless gears that engage each other. Expressing the identity of an analog watch while incorporating the cutting-edge technology Bluetooth. To that end, the Eco-Drive Bluetooth movement is created in-house from scratch and assembled by hand by Japanese watchmakers. Fusion of cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship, the hallmark of Citizen watches.  By linking with a smartphone, the watch is automatically corrected at the time of the current location (home time). Also, simply tap the world map in the app and enter the city name to adjust the watch to the time (local time) of 316 cities including UTC. You can get time all over the world wherever you are.  

In addition, you can set alarms on your wristwatch with the smooth operation of a smartphone app. The watch informs you that there is an incoming call on your smartphone with sound, vibration and movement. It also has a filtering function to notify only calls from selected people, so you never miss an important person's phone call. 

More Cool Smartphone Features  

When you can't find your smartphone, you can search for it by operating your watch and making a sound on your smartphone if it is within range. In addition, if you forget to place your smartphone, the watch will notify you with sound, vibration, and needle movement. Prevents you from being separated from your smartphone a mechanism for notifying you when your watch is disconnected from your smartphone's range of communication, essentially a disconnection notification.  

It detects the light that enters the dial and displays the amount of power generated by the light in a graph for each day, week, and month. You can see at a glance how much power your watch generates. As a pioneer in photovoltaic power generation, this is a unique feature of Citizen watches that value the connection with light.  

The Citizen Bluetooth can be charged with light. There is no need to charge the battery with a regular battery. Eco Drive is Citizen's original photovoltaic power generation technology. Sunlight and a small amount of light in the room are converted into electrical energy, the wristwatch is moved, and surplus electricity is stored in a secondary battery. Once fully charged, it will continue to move for long periods of time even in the absence of light.

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