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Introduction to Citizen Exceed Watches  

With a 99% clarity coating, the Exceed has a special coating the front and back surfaces of sapphire glass with a multi-layered silicon compound, light reflection is reduced (transmittance 99%), ensuring high visibility and making it easier to see the watch dial. In addition, it is hard to be scratched and has a water-repellent film that prevents dirt on the surface, improving its durability and antifouling properties.  

Duratet technology brings surface hardening technology originally developed by Citizen to protect the watch's natural brightness and beauty. The surface hardness is increased by applying special processing to materials such as titanium and stainless steel to protect the watch case and band from scratches and small scratches.  

With Citizen's original technology, Super Titanium, pure titanium is subjected to a surface hardening technology Deratet, achieving a hardness five times that of stainless steel. It is about half as light stainless steel, it is gentle on the skin, hard to rust, and has excellent wear resistance. While maintaining the original brightness and color of the watch, it can be used comfortably.  

This classically styled watch features roman numerals as well in a striking royal blue colour that perfectly offsets the titanium colour of both the dial and the case. Offering quality and reliability as well as an all round stunning design, the Citizen Exceed has become one of the brand’s most popular and enduring models of all.   

Citizen’s Mission   

At Citizen, the brand believes that watchmaking is always working and there is no real perfection.  

That's why they are excited to open up the possibilities of the future, not just rehashing the past. They make everything with their own hands, from the small parts of each watch. This is because Citizen want to impress and inspire their customers with watches that put our ideals in full. The brand call it a fusion of technology and beauty. Indeed, they believe there is no limit to making things better, and all successes and failures are opportunities to make something better. As a result, no matter how big or small, Citizen does everything themselves and continually strive to get better with every new release.  

Famous for top quality watches and border pushing idea on technology, Citizen looks toward promoting greatness and ingenuity with a long held appreciation for gorgeous timepieces. Citizen advocates searching for and achieving goals that improve our lives. In this sense, Citizen comes together with groups and people that hold similar values including a range of global explorers.  

As a world renowned brand, Citizen has to always try and make ideal development and continuous changes to watchmaking. For over four decades, Citizen Eco-Drive has been able to show a real style of just how the brand is able to make the world and its land a more habitable one. A basic yet also ingenious idea, Eco-Drive takes the strength of light from all natural or artificial light sources and makes it into power.   

All in all, the Citizen Exceed is a beautiful range of high end watches from top Japanese brand Citizen. Filled with tech including Eco-Drive as well as Duratet and Super Titanium capability, the Exceed is also able to stay looking good due to a lovely, timeless style that somehow looks fresh whilst remaining classic.

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