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Introduction to Citizen Promaster Watches  

Citizen is toasting to 30 years of their legendary Promaster model. This range of professional level sports watches boasts massive appeal to the casual adventurer. Harking back to the past, the brand manages to reflect on their own history of horology and innovation.  

The Promaster Sea watch adheres to values of practicality, strength and security. Swimming to the deepest levels with a Promaster Dive watch boasting ISO compliance allows wearers to reach depths of 200 to 1000 metres, something that was once considered impossible. Indeed, with Eco-Drive technology, these watches are powered by light and never require a battery. Wearers will never have to open the watch caseback or compromise their activities again when it comes to the Promaster Sea. 

A legendary name with a totally reimagined build, the Citizen Promaster Aqualand ISO compliant watch boasts maximum depth memory, quick ascent alarm, auto start dive mode and power reserve indicator with divers 200M, so wearers will not desire anything else when going to the sea. The stainless steel case compliments the blue of the sea, with a polyurethane strap and blue dial with a blue and red bezel. Boasting Citizen Eco-Drive technology, it is powered by light and will never need a battery due to the use of calibre number J250.   

Citizen and Technology  

Citizen is great at blending traditional watchmaking and ingenious tech, promoting quality and creativity with a deeply held love for craftsmanship. Citizen advocates searching for and achieving goals that improve our lives. In this sense, Citizen comes together with groups and people that hold similar values including the RAF Red Arrows and Premiership Rugby.  

As a global brand, Citizen has a need to attempt to create change and frequent evolution to watchmaking. For over 40 years, Citizen Eco-Drive has been able to demonstrate a real ability to show just the way in which the company can make the world and its area a more stunning one. A simple yet also special idea, Eco-Drive takes the strength of light from all natural or artificial light sources and makes it into power. With a fresh natural resource rather than filling our dumps with more awful in the form of watches. The brand name show Citizens concepts around inclusion with a global idea to make watches that can be adored by people all over the world.   

Citizen Watches Collaborations   

In 2019, Citizen formed an alliance with top brand Disney, a huge name with long held and idealistic values like those of Citizen. Using a long term partnership with the company, Citizen and Disney want to blend ideas in the Disney Parks, Marvel, Star Wars and much more besides. Indeed, Citizen is set to be the Official Timepiece of Walt Disney World and Disneyland by adding branded clocks to both theme parks together with other special blends of brand. 

With a requirement to keep improving man’s impact on the world, Citizen is a top sponsor for Eric Larsen, the man who takes on expeditions to the North and South Poles. As a guide and educator, Larsen has been moving around some of the world’s toughest environments for the most part of 20 years. Certainly, he intends to use watches like the Citizen Promaster Altichron and Tough on his next journeys. Indeed, these will be making sure that all outdoor adventurers remain on track in respect of both movement and time, a real requirement when it comes to surviving.

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