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A stunning analog watch with an elegantly timeless style and an internal 0350 calibre, the watch experienced almost immediate success. So much so, in fact, that a new style was launched in 1998. Shortly after, a new member of The Citizen family was released featuring a complex A660 calibre. Fuelled by a battery that is guaranteed to last at least five years, the watch is renowned for its precision of ±5 seconds a year. Indeed, there are a range of functions including a nice perpetual calendar.   

Nowadays, The Citizen Eco Drive rules the roost. Boasting three individually unique models called the AQ1000-58A, AQ1000-58B, and AQ1000-58E, all three of these have a solar quartz A010 calibre that is fuelled by the brand’s own Eco Drive system.   

With that said, the new Eco Drive line has a fresh face in the form of the Caliber 0100, which the brand say challenges the prevailing technologies of the moment by increasing the accuracy of this watch to an incredible ±1 second a year. Certainly, this commitment to technological development means that The Citizen is a true reflection of the brand’s deeply held ideals, a blend of stunning design and mind boggling mechanical excellence.   

The present day version of The Citizen feature a unique range of features such as a second hand stop function, date early correction feature and 0 hour just calendar update function. What’s more, there is a time difference setting mechanism, a charging remaining display function and charging warning feature. As if this was not enough there is overcharge prevention, impact detection function and automatic needle correction feature.   

Citizen and Technology   

Citizen is great at watchmaking and ingenious tech, promoting quality and creativity with a deeply held love for craftsmanship. Citizen advocates searching for and achieving goals that improve our lives. In this sense, Citizen comes together with groups and people that hold similar values including the RAF Red Arrows and Premiership Rugby.  

As a global company, Citizen has a great responsibility to look to make real change and continuously aid the moving forward of watchmaking. For over 40 years, Citizen Eco-Drive has shone through as a true example of exactly how the brand has been able to make the globe and its people a better off place. A simple yet smart concept, Eco-Drive takes the power of light from all natural or artificial place and transfers it to power.   

With an eco friendly energy source as opposed to putting more rubbish in our landfills in the shape of watch batteries. The company name refers to Citizens concepts around inclusivity with a world head to use models that can be adored by citizens all over the world.   

To conclude, The Citizen watch from Citizen is a contemporary beauty of horology. A blend of carefully styled yet smart aesthetics and high end technological mechanics, the Citizen has been popular with watch lovers across the world for almost twenty five years. Certainly, when a model is so lovely, what is the point in changing it?

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