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Introduction to Citizen XC Watches  

Firstly, the use of Citizen’s pioneering Eco-Drive technology that charges with the sun and light from the room. Since the number of waste batteries is reduced, this technology does not place a burden on people or the earth. Then there is the radio clock, which receives the standard radio wave and automatically corrects it to the correct time and date. Citizen's original surface hardening technology, Deratech, means that whether you are heading to a PC or doing housework, you can protect the beauty of your watch from scratches in every scene of your day and free you.   

The XC uses Citizen’s patented Super Titanium technology, which is so light that owners forget they’re wearing it, so it's hard to get tired and gentle on your skin. Stay active every day without worrying about the clock. What’s more, the XC has great waterproofing and so washing your hands, washing dishes, sudden rain and more need not be a worry. The XC is waterproof enough for daily life.  

The sixth and final key feature of the XC is the use of Happy Flight technology, which gets radio waves in 4 areas around the world (Japan, China, Europe, North America). You can easily know the time in 24 cities around the world, so you can feel safe even when you travel. Within the XC collection, although all watches bear the quality of any Citizen product, some watches are considered more desirable than others. One such example is that of the Habataki Pair, which are truly exceptional pieces. With a case and band made of super-titanium in a silver color that is resistant to scratches, light and gentle to the skin.   

Features on Citizen XC Watches  

Despite its neat design, the Feather pattern, the Roman numeral index and the gold color on the outer periphery of the glass are elegantly colored. The thickness of the case is 9.7mm, which make this an exceptionally elegant timepiece that suits the wrist of all women you choose the Habataki pair.  

Eco Drive eliminates the need for regular battery replacement. In addition, the Direct Flight function, which can display the time in 26 cities around the world, is comfortable for business and travel. With a limited box suitable as a gift. Then there is the Sakura Pink version of the XC, featuring a A surface-curing technology, Dura-Tect, in the color Sakura Pink that will not damage the beauty. 

It is a miracle color that seeks to make appearances bright and beautiful. A bright pink that adult women want to wear. There are various color variations for watches yet neither pink gold nor yellow gold, the Citizen only color Sakura Pink is a patented shade that is most elegant in its femininity.  

All in all, the Citizen XC is a stunning and sophisticated female watch that packs in a huge amount of tech considering its petite size and form. With a wide range of styles, colours and materials to choose from, ladies who choose the XC will never be short on options. Certainly, this is a gorgeous watch that manages to blend the best of design and technology to create what is a once in a lifetime timepiece.

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