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Established in Geneva by Franck Muller and Vartan Sirmakes, Franck Muller watches are among the most sought after and complex in the world. All watches in the brand’s collection have the specific goal of producing horology of the very highest calibre both in terms of functional prowess and aesthetic beauty. 

In a little over thirty years, Franck Muller has propelled itself to the very top of horology worldwide, competing as it does with some of the most historic Swiss Maisons at the top of the industry. Bold and creative, Franck Muller watches are rooted in a dedication to traditional microengineering precepts.  

This watch has been crafted with the utmost care and detail that are worthy of the legendary name of Franck Muller. The very first Franck Muller wrist watches were unveiled in 1983 after a long period of research and effort. Indeed, the complicated calibres within were all in house developed, with Mr. Muller recognising the demand among watch connoisseurs for a fresh timepiece that nonetheless had all the necessary complications. 

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Of particular import to Muller was the tourbillon, an invention over 200 years old that had initially been created to improve the accuracy of watches. In what is still looked upon as a pioneering move in modern horology, Muller designed and made a watch with a tourbillon that was not only visible but which took centre stage on the face of the watch. It was this revolutionary approach that led to Muller being recognised as the true master of modern Swiss horological complications.  

Since then, the name Franck Muller has become one that immediately brings to mind bold designs and luxurious finishing. Adhering to principles of haute horlogerie and always searching to improve on complications, the brand has developed into one of the industry’s most forward thinking and Franck Muller watches have become some of the most highly desired on the planet. Today, Franck Muller watches are easily recognisable as a result of their unique tonneau case that is frequently seen as the most significant silhouette the brand has created. Above all, Muller’s watches are known for their incredibly intricate complications and revolutionary case design.  

Without a doubt, the Franck Muller Long Island is an icon of modern horology that has managed to propel this young, ambitious brand to the status of elite Swiss watchmaker. The universal success of the Franck Muller Long Island watch is down to the timepiece’s fearless approach to design and uncompromising adherence to traditional standards. Modern yet classical, the Franck Muller Long Island is an instantly recognisable beauty of a watch that will forever remain in style among the most discerning and elegant individuals.

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