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Let’s be honest, in this day and age, it is essentially cool to be equipped with a smartphone. A smartphone that can be your notebook, assistant, diary, calculator, provider of all social media access, business dealer, and what not – all in one. This tiny device includes a watch as well. If you are a millennial, give or take a few years here and there, you might be one of those people who essentially survive on their smartphones. And you may think that who would carry anything else than just their smartphone? Why wear that extra burden on your wrist when you can watch the time on your phone?

Well, we don’t want to prance all over your parade but ever since the nineteenth-century, wrist watches have been a sign of elegance, class, maturity, and confidence. No matter which profession one belongs to, having a decent timepiece [wrist watch] on your hand would definitely distinguish you from the crowd. And what better than Gaga Milano watches?

Gaga Milano – A Brand to Set You Apart! 

To all the millennials out there, the Gaga Milano watch brand is right around your age as well. Gaga Milano is the brainchild of Ruben Tomella, who was inspired by the 50’s phrase ‘Gaga.’ Although you might know gaga as someone who is extremely enthusiast about something/someone so much so that they start to hit borderline crazy, that is not how the word originated. In the 50’s, Gaga was associated with men who were very quirky with their remarks and very forward with their stance and style, they were quick-witted, elegant – when it came to fashion – and very charming to boot.

Though one can argue that Gaga Milano watches, at times, are a bit pricey, we say that you should spoil yourself once in a while, and finally splurging on the Gaga Milano watch you love can be worth it. While it is a fairly young company, it is still a great choice because it can be the best of both worlds. The brand brings you the class of elegance and sophistication of decades-old Englishness and European timepieces, along with the modern and cutting-edge looks of the current time as well. If you are one of those whose best friends are diamonds; do not worry, there are surely many diamond Gaga Milano watches for sale.

Gaga Milano watches cater to the need of all sorts of people coming from all corners of the world. Whether you are a teacher, business tycoon, nine to five worker, man, woman, or child, there's a Gaga Milano watch for sale for you! The fresh designs under their banner are Manuale 48MM special Edition, Neymar Jr. Limited Edition, Manuale 48 MM, Carbon 48MM, Bionic Skull 48mm, Bionic Skull 45mm, Diving 45MM, Napoleone Lady, and Necklace Watch to name a few.

Neymar Jr. Limited Edition [Manuale 48MM] 

As the name suggests, this piece is the result of the brand’s proud collaboration with the famous Brazilian footballer, Neymar Jr. Only five hundred pieces have been made of this immensely beautiful and boisterous looking timepiece.

It is designed with a sapphire treated mineral glass, and a mineral glass back case, strapped with black rubber; with black enamel dial and decorated with steel applique digits adorned with steel hands showing those minutes and hours passing by. Quite old school, its functionality contains the passage of time only. The Gaga Milano timepiece is 16mm, and its dimension is 48mm. offers a great selection of the Manuale 48MM collection of Gaga Milano watches for sale.

Diving 48MM Titanium 

This automatic, waterproof piece is 20mm thick with 48mm in dimension. It comes with a few varieties of cases such as titanium case, helium valve, screw down crown, and back case. With rubber acting as its strap, its domed glass is highly resistant with double range and sapphire treatment. The dial, itself, is black with white digits in applique with some steel sapphires.

Napoleon Lady Steel Watch 

Although the company originally started with men’s Gaga Milano watches, they cater to women’s fashion as well. Napoleone Lady is basically elegance wrapped around your wrist and is available in three different versions: steel, gold-plated, and diamonds. They are further available in different colored and styled straps to make the watch much more personalized. Napoleone Lady is steel cased with mother of pearl dial, and decorated with lilac multicolored numbers, with screw down crown, steel hands, and lilac coco strap.

Necklace Watch 

If you are a watch enthusiast and know a thing or two about the history and origins of pocket and wristwatch, and if you want to have a feel of the nineteenth-century pocket watches while still being in tune with the modern era, you can try your hands at the Necklace watch. The Necklace watch is basically a pocket watch that goes around your neck instead of in your pocket. The chain is 31mm long. The one with a rose gold casing comes with a white dial and pink multicolored digits to brighten up your day. There are three versions available; steel, rose gold, and yellow gold.

Skeleton 48MM [Gold Plated] 

Remember when we said the Gaga Milano brand caters to everyone’s needs? We weren’t kidding. If you aren’t a business tycoon, a lady trying to be classy, or a worker trying to show up to their boss, Gaga Milano is still the place for you. For all the Goth lovers out there, the brand has a unique watch up for offer; the Skeleton 48MM.

The Skeleton 48MM’s versions include steel, gold-plated, black PVD, and diamonds. With a glass dial and applique digits, the hands [minutes and hours] depend on the version of your choice; with handmade Italian leather.

Get your hands on the collection today!

Why the urgency, you may ask? Well, order Gaga Milano online now from and get amazing deals. As it is more of an international brand, Gaga Milano watches for sale are harder to come by. So hurry up, shop our selection of Gaga Milano watches and enjoy the limited time offers.

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Gaga Milano Watches
Looking for something a little out of the ordinary? Gaga Milano might be the watch you didn’t know you needed! Gaga Milano might have been found in 2004, but their unique designs and creative approach are years beyond. They wanted to take the idea of a simple pocket watch and evolve it into an amazing piece for your wrist. Gaga Milano watches are fun, colorful and flat out different. Just take a look at their Slim and Manuale collections for example.
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