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The American Classic range features popular retro iterations like the PanEurop, Ardmore, Flintridge, Spirit of Liberty, Valiant, Boulton and Bagley. Most of these feature updates as of late to make sure of their lifelong and continuing attraction.  

Conversely, for the man seeking a classic vibe, new models that have their debut in the collection are also a cinch to appeal. There’s the Intra-Matic and Intra-Matic Auto Chrono. Inspired by a key period in Hamilton’s long story, the Intra-Matic revives vintage pieces to suit modern styles.  

Watch lovers are certain to adore the Intra-Matic Auto Chrono which heralds the return of the famous panda watchface. Memorably featuring on the Hamilton Chronograph A from 1968, the famous dial is the true classic of 60s classic design. 

As with the original, even the font and Hamilton logo on the dial are the original style as from 1968. The 21st century new editions arrive in a slightly larger 40 mm stainless steel case. The special H-31 automatic chronograph calibre with longer 60-hour power reserve is a distinct improvement from the original. A buttery leather strap, 10 bar water resistance and the use of sapphire crystal complete the updated style.  

Hamilton’s 1960s style is given further boosts with further automatic Intra-Matic models. Featuring the all important retro logo and font, these classic models shine with colour whereas the original Auto Chrono preferred an austere look. With gray, brown, tawny and yellow and rose gold styled elements, the Intra-Matic family perfectly melds modern, rugged elements with truly vintage bits. Powered by a slim Swiss automatic two-hand movement with date function, famous Hamilton style is highlighted by the top horological quality.  

The Intra-Matic represents the finest of Hamilton’s American Classic range, showing their rich heritage and adding to it the small but key innovations that modern watch lovers need. Hamilton watches are ingenious, famous and renowned for American style and Swiss technology. The brand is known for the top performance standards and Swiss made calibres. Hamilton make automatic, mechanical and quartz watches in male and female types. With a notoriety for design and famous heritage, their watches are among the most recognisable on the planet.  

Having made a name for themselves with accuracy and ruggedness from early on, the Hamilton creators began to think originally. Using new names and unique designs, specially made movements to special features, Hamilton’s story is bursting with watches that have gotten legendary, iconic names among enthusiasts, lovers and critics alike.   

In the end, the Hamilton American Classic family is an iconic one that collectors, enthusiasts and experts alike all agree is a legendary group timepieces. With unique looks, automatic calibres and historical significance, the American Classic collection simply has to go down as one of the finest watch families ever to come out of the USA.

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