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Introduction to the Jazzmaster

The Hamilton Jazzmaster collection pairs American spirit and ingenuity with Swiss precision for a watch collection that is as unique as jazz itself. These avant-garde watches feature classic American style, sophisticated movements, and innovative elements that breathe fresh air into these historic watches.

And they are indeed historic! The iconic Hamilton Jazzmaster watches have been around since the first factory was established in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1892. Hamilton provided the burgeoning railroad industry of the late 1800s with the precision pocket watches needed to keep trains on time and prevent collisions. Hamilton watches have been an integral part of American life ever since.

The Hamilton Jazzmaster embodies the freedom and spirit of the Jazz Era of the 1920s. Just as jazz features improvisation mixed with tradition, so too do Hamilton Jazzmaster watches. Sporty, surprising, and sophisticated are all apt descriptions of this unique collection.

The Hamilton Jazzmaster collection features three distinct movement options. These include an automatic chronograph, chrono quartz, and an open heart automatic movement that offers a peek into the inner workings. GMT models help busy travelers keep track of time worldwide, while different models feature water resistance ranging from 30m to 300m.

Hamilton Jazzmaster watches are sold with eleven different dial colors, many different strap options, and with up to sixty-eight diamonds, so you can choose a pairing that perfectly complements your personality.

Why Choose Your New Jazzmaster Watch from ShopWatches.ca?

ShopWatches.ca offers Hamilton Jazzmaster watches for sale in both men's and women's models. Prices of these surprisingly affordable luxury watches range from just over $300 to around $3,000. When you purchase a Hamilton Jazzmaster of any price from ShopWatches.ca, you can rest assured that you are getting the genuine article and that it will arrive in excellent working order. We stand behind the authenticity of every watch we sell and guarantee your satisfaction.

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