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Hermes Watches - A True Icon of Luxury  

Hermes is a French brand that represents luxury and fashion at its finest. It has become one of the world’s most popular labels since its establishment in 1837. Hermes is renowned for its exceptional sense of design, professionalism, and aesthetics. The name has its origin in Greek mythology; it is associated with good luck. Founded by Thierry Hermes, it was just a harness workshop in Paris. Hence, the company began with just bags and saddle wear. As it flourished over the years, it began selling clothes, fragrances, as well as, watches.

Today, Hermes fashion accessories are endorsed by famous celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, and Jessie J. Hermes has 240 stores worldwide making it one of the world’s most powerful fashion brands. Hermes not only sells luxury watches, they have a range of products to offer for ladies as well as men including bags, belts, clothes, and accessories. Clothing includes ready-to-wear as well as beachwear.

Hermes Bags 

Hermes is known for manufacturing high-quality bags. Buying a Hermes bag is considered the same as having an investment in the stock market. The finest material and highly meticulous craftsmanship go into creating a classic Hermes bag. The bags are surely a symbol of exquisite taste and perfection. Another option that this brand provides for its beloved customers is that as their bag wears away, they can get it repaired at the Hermes ‘bag spa’. Hermes bags pair great with a variety of Hermes watches for sale at Here are a few popular styles:


The best thing about Birkin is that it has transformed over the years adapting seamlessly to the latest trends. It is suitable for any time of the day from brunches, lunches and fancy evening dinners. The bags are made in a variety of material from exotic hides to platinum. A Birkin bag takes around 48 hours to be created by its highly trained artisans. Recently, handbags for men have taken over the international market by storm. For Birkin, men prefer to buy dark colors such as marine blue and dark green.


The Constance bag became the favorite of Jacqueline Kennedy after being introduced in 1959. The bag exudes style, modernity, and grace. It is ideally small in size with features such as a fully adjustable strap and its signature ‘H’ clasp. This bag would go perfectly with one of the ladies’ Hermes watches that are for sale on 


Inspired by Grace Kelly, this bag is the epitome of cuteness and elegance. The bag has a single handle and comes with a detachable shoulder strap. It is a bit wider to hold more content. In 1994, Hermes received a packaging Oscar for their orange boxes.

Hermes Garden Party 

It has a more casual vibe but is known for its quality and functionality. It is designed to be simple with a single compartment. The Garden Party style is available in canvas and leather. Some versions of the Garden party are unisex.

Bolide Bag 

Contemporary and classic, it was launched in 1922. The Bolide bag is a rare find; it can be found in four different sizes. There are two versions: Web Bolide and the Bolide. Both bags have a domed zip around closure and dual tubular top handles. This style is also created for men in the form of baseball bags. Match this bag with a variety of men’s Hermes luxury watches for sale. 

Hermes Backpacks 

These are particularly popular among men. Tailored with finesse and sophistication, they are mostly available in fabric or leather. There is also a range of colors to choose from.

Hermes Watches for Sale 

As a leading luxury company, Hermes has established its reputation due to its watches. Hermes makes around 120,000 straps per year. The brand started its line of watches for men as well as women during the 1970s and has also collaborated with Jaeger-LeCoultre. Therefore, Hermes should definitely be an important brand to a watch connoisseur.

A few of its most renowned styles are:

Slim d Hermes Time only watches 

The Slim d Hermes has been a cult classic for quite some time now. This line of watches has a very simple aesthetic characterized by straight lines and kaleidoscopic patterns. Designed for everyday use, it has beautiful finishing with a soft leather strap. It is available in stainless steel or rose gold. Some of its features that particularly stand out are its unique numerical and caliber movement. The Slim d Hermes has been labeled as one of the best-looking Hermes watches for sale by Forbes.

Carre H  

Carre H was introduced in 2010 by furniture designer Mark Berthier. It has an interestingly unusual square shape and is manufactured only in dark tones. The overall profile of this model is playful due to its slightly curved edges and subtle pops of light on the second's hands. It has an opaline center.

Arceau Watch  

The Arceau watch is a Hermes women’s and Hermes men’s watch that was created in 1978 and is inspired by the brand’s heritage as makes of leather goods. Designed for both men and women, the model is full of intriguing details. The chronograph has sloping numerals and three sub-dials. Today, it has evolved tremendously from its original form and is found in vibrant colors.

Apple Watch  

This is one of their latest collections; Hermes unveiled their collaboration with Apple in early 2018. It is a cutting-edge watch with a sleek design. It is loaded with useful features such as a built-in GPS and a fast processor. The Apple watch showcases colorful leather bands and has touchscreen technology.

Find one of these authentic luxury watches from the collection of Hermes watches available for sale.

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