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The Longines Conquest is home to a wide variety of watches, including the popular spinoff, Longines Conquest VHP. Some Longines Conquest, like the L3.777.4.99.6 measure with dimensions at 41mm. They are also water-resistant up to 30-bars. The dials on this watch are coloured Sunray blue, a combination that picks up the ray of the sun to emit a shine that draws attention to its wearer. The hour markers come in the simplified form of Arabic numerals and indexes. The hands are also silver polished. All this comes together to create a distinct glow.   

The movement by which this watch keeps time is automatic, so you don’t have to continually wind it, or bother about the watch falling behind time when you forget to wind it. The Caliber is L888, which is responsible for the automatic movement. It is self-winding with a beat of 25’200 vibrations per hour in terms of semi-oscillations or half-turns of the balance spring. This high frequency of movement gives it a higher accuracy in telling the exact time. It also has 64 hours of power reserve. There are functions for showing the exact hour, minute, second, and date. The bracelet is made from highly durable steel and chromium.   

The final result is corrosion-resistant. It gives the Longines Conquest family of watches their characteristic hardness and toughness. It also ensures that the bracelet does not wear off, discolour, or lose its bright shine. The buckle is highly secure with its triple safety folding clasp and push-piece opening mechanism.  

Closer Look at the Longines Conquest Collection  

When you use a Longines Conquest watch, you join a prestigious family of successful and accomplished people who are proud ambassadors of the Longines brand. One of them is Kohei Uchimura, a decorated Japanese gymnast. Since 2007, when he joined the national Japanese gymnastics team, he has claimed medals at every tournament – from a bronze medal at the 2007 World Cup in Paris, through till 2016.  With a precise blend of sobriety and sophistication, it is guaranteed to catch the eyes of all those who see you wearing it, irrespective of the occasion.   

If you have a preference for classic wristwatches, there are Longines Conquest watches from the 1970s. Their movement is manual winding. The case material that protects the movement is consistently steel. It's smaller than the modern editions, with a case diameter of 36mm. The glass that covers the dial face is made from plastic, which makes it easier to repair in the event of a crack compared to diamond or sapphire.   

A plastic cover also merely cracks, unlike sapphire or diamond that shatters into tiny fragments that are potentially dangerous. The bracelet material is also made from steel. This classic Longines Conquest fits the uber and maverick generation. It also works for all ages and can fit over any wrist over 7 inches wide. The calibre that allows it to operate, mark time, and perform other functions is based on Caliber 334.  

The Longines Conquest makes for an excellent gift for a special someone or to lay the foundations for a new friendship. It can be used for business and casual occasions. You can rock it daily, while you’re washing your hands, on rainy days, even if your hands are naturally sweaty. The Longines Conquest can take it all.

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Taylor Lakes
Longines Conquest Watches
Longines sports watch collection is one to be reckoned with. The Longines Conquest collection comes with so many options and variations that it’s hard to just choose one. Whether you’re looking for a classic stainless steel bracelet or a fancy leather strap, the Conquest collection has you covered. There are bigger and smaller faces so there is something for the men and ladies!
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