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Introduction to Louis Vuitton Watches

At just 14 years old, a young boy named Louis Vuitton made his way from the rural town of Anchay to the French capital of Paris. Traveling on foot, the near 300-mile journey would take the boy almost 2 years to complete and he would find no shortage of difficulties along the way. When the young Vuitton finally arrived in Paris, he would soon secure an apprenticeship in a bag-maker’s workshop and voilá, the legend of Louis Vuitton was born.   

Founded in Paris in 1854, French luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton is renowned across the globe for producing goods of the highest quality. Classic and original all at once, Louis Vuitton’s iconic monogram design is world famous and stands as a symbol of sophistication and elegance.  

Today the company consistently ranks among the most valuable luxury brands on the planet, with hundreds of stores across the world and a booming online business. Although perhaps best known for their leather goods such as handbags, purses and various luggage, Louis Vuitton also produce some of the most beautiful watches around.  

For those that appreciate innovative design that also pays homage to classic Parisian chic, Louis Vuitton watches are a wonderfully elegant option displaying a true sense of luxury. With both aesthetic and technical value, Louis Vuitton watches are a perfect marriage of function and form.  

Louis Vuitton Watches

In particular, Louis Vuitton’s iconic Tambour range of watches blend modern technology with timeless design. Featuring models designed for both male and female wrists, with the Tambour range the brand manages to pay homage to classic styles whilst remaining innovative and modern in their approach.  

Other lines of Louis Vuitton watches include the Escale, whose colours, motifs and design are closely linked to the brand’s roots as a luxury travel and luggage supply company. The Escale is specifically designed for travellers and the unique Worldtime function of the watch was developed meticulously at LV’s prestigious La Fabrique du Temps Louis Vuitton.  

At the other end of the Louis Vuitton watchmaking scale, the brand’s Voyager series is a thoroughly modern watch that is a truly masculine yet highly wearable day to day timepiece designed for those who need a smart yet sturdy timepiece for daily use.   

Louis Vuitton's Evolution

These days Louis Vuitton even manufacture a high quality smart watch, providing direct competition to some of the world’s most well known tech brands such as Apple and others. The Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon manages to take the brand’s fusion of tradition and modernity to new levels. Aimed at travellers, the watch stays true to Louis Vuitton’s core values whilst providing thoroughly contemporary features such as downloadable city guide apps that are specifically designed to be used on this Android compatible watch. With models designed for both the male and female wrist, the Tambour Horizon represents a new frontier for LV watches, whilst the brand’s distinctive hologram features on the strap to ensure nobody is left confused as to the provenance of this high-end smart watch.  

In under twenty years, Louis Vuitton has managed to propel itself from watchmaking novice to one of the most respected producers of high-end horology on the planet. With the help of the coveted Geneva seal of approval, LV can more than hold their own against some of the Swiss watchmaking world’s biggest and most esteemed brands such as Tag Heuer and Rolex.

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