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Maurice Lacroix Luxury Watches

Maurice Lacroix Watches - Luxury and More 

Founded in the year 1975, Maurice Lacroix was part a bigger company named Desco von Schulthess based in Zurich. After acquiring an assembly facility in Saignelégier, Desco von Schulthess began producing private label watches for third parties. It was in 1975 that the company officially started to market their luxury watches under the name Maurice Lacroix.

About the Company 

Ever since Maurice Lacroix came into existence in 1975, it has upheld the great tradition and standard that is associated with Swiss watches. The company produces each timepiece at its own workshops in Saignelégier. Over the 40 years of excellent craftsmanship the company has and always will value elements such as quality, precision, and perfection.

Each craftsman at Maurice Lacroix possesses great expertise and knowledge of the craft. The skill and hard work taken to create each piece is what makes watches so special. While following and upholding traditional values and practices, the company also integrates elements of the latest technology making sure that it is never behind the times.

The Most Luxurious Watch You Can Own 

It is the ambition of the company to produce the most luxurious and state of the art watches. The lines produced by the company offer many Maurice Lacroix watches with different styles and looks so that you can find the perfect piece for every occasion. Be it formal or casual, classic or contemporary; you can definitely find something that not just provides style but also comfort.


Maurice Lacroix has a collection of impressive men’s watches under its belt. Following are just some of these watch collections:


The masterpiece collection is one of the first collections that was put out by the company. As the name suggests, watches from this line are all exquisite pieces of work. Featuring Maurice Lacroix’s most fundamental handiwork, the skeleton designs the watches produced for this line have the most beautiful open work dial detail while also maintaining structural rigidity. The slender structure adds to the overall beauty of the piece.

Masterpiece MP6118-PVB01-330-1 

This piece from the collection comes in a stunning hue of black and silver-grey. The dial has a mesmerizing black lacquer finish with rhodium plated hands and indexes. The strap is a beautiful black crocodile design complete with a black pin buckle that adds to the captivating look of the piece. It is 50m water resistance with a power reserve of 50 hours.


This collection is aimed towards clarity of purpose. With a clear-cut yet stylish design watches from this collection can go with any occasion. The universal design of the pieces from Pontos is fit to be worn by all age groups. Due to its clear and simple framework, it is very user-friendly, so you can enjoy and see every moment of your life without any unnecessary complications.

Pontos Day Date 41mm  

This design features a stainless steel dial and strap. With a case diameter of 41mm, it is easy to read the time. This piece also shows the date and time. This is a common factor amongst all the watches from this collection. The design of the dial is simple yet very pleasing. A blue sun-brushed and sandblasted dial against a silver stainless steel strap is sure to make the timepiece look handsome on any wrist. The watch is up to 100m water resistant and holds a power reserve of 38 hours.

Les Classiques 

It is a popular belief among many that the classics are the best. To redesign a classic is no easy task and often is met by failure. However, at Maurice Lacroix, the trend is to push forward to promote “passion for progress.” It is that philosophy which has created the Les Classiques collection. Pieces in this collection are classics that have been worked on with the most minimal details in the most sophisticated manner. The minimal details might not seem like much when they're considered individually, but when they come together, they create the most majestic timepiece; fit enough to be called a classic.

Les Classiques Moonphase 40mm 

This Moonphase watch comes with a dial that is 40mm in size. With a silver and blue dial made to replicate the night sky, this is one of the most mesmerizing timepieces in all the collections combined. The hands and indexes are rhodium plated to compliment the starry design of the dial. The case material is stainless steel which is water resistant up to 50m. The strap is a black calf leather strap with further enhances the elegance of the piece. If you are looking for a watch for a special occasion, this is definitely the one.


The newest addition to the collections, Aikon is aimed at the youthful and sporty population. The various finishes and designs in this line urge the youth to make their own fashion statement without holding back.

Aikon Chronograph 44mm  

The design of this watch is very bold with an all-black look it is a piece that is bound to stand out. Sporting a black PVD 44mm case, it is strong and durable. It is up to 100m water resistant.

Maurice Lacroix offers a wide variety and reasonable prices to choose from. Each collection is unique in its own way and caters to a particular theme. So, if you are looking for something special for yourself or a loved one you are sure to find it at Maurice Lacroix!

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