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New Nomos Glashuette Watches

Nomos Glashutte Watches for Sale

A Symphony of Style & Simplicity 

Stylish precision accurately describes Nomos Glashutte watches. While perhaps not yet as well-known as older watch brands like Rolex or Patek Philippe, the German brand Nomos Glashutte is well on its way to such fame. The brand was founded a mere two months after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1990. Yet it has already made a name for itself in the world of mechanical watches.  

The small town of Glashütte is tucked away in wooded foothills near Dresden. This quaint town has been the center of renowned German watchmaking for more than 170 years. In fact, only watches that meet the region's strict standards are allowed to use the name Glashütte.

Sleek, clean, and stunning in their simplicity, our Nomos Glashutte watches available for sale have a look all their own. They manage to perfectly meld the long tradition of Glashütte watchmaking with a thoroughly modern aesthetic.   

The Collections of Nomos Glashutte 

Nomos Glashutte produces a wide selection of unique luxury watch collections. We're going to highlight three favorite Nomos Glashutte watch collections for sale at 

The Autobahn Collection 

The unique dial of this watch resembles a car dashboard, appropriate since the Autobahn is Germany's controlled-access federal motorway system. The long curves create a stunning sense of motion. This eye-catching watch comes in three distinct variations.  

The Metro Collection 

Sleek, elegant, and packed with a cool, hip, contemporary flair. Is it any wonder that the Metro is one of Nomos Glashutte's most popular offerings? This watch looks like the precision measuring instrument that it very much is. 

The Tetra Collection  

The eye-stopping square dial of the Tetra definitely makes a statement! This supremely thin square watch with a round dial is available in a playful array of colors. The simplicity of the dial serves to emphasize the squareness of the case.  

Shop Nomos Glashutte Watches for Sale at 

If you are ready to add one of these traditional, yet thoroughly modern, watches to your collection, peruse the extensive selection at the best online watch store: There is sure to be a watch within our many Nomos Glashutte Collections that will appeal to your sense of style. We are proud to include relative newcomer Nomos Glashutte among our large selection of luxury watch brands!

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Eric Adams
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Nomos Glashütte Watches
Nomos Glashütte is a German watch manufacturer that has been around for 170 years. Nomos Glashütte's watches are all great high quality timepieces that has that classic touch to them. Their top watch collections have a clean and sleek look to them. Collections include Tetra, Ludwig, Orion and the Metro.
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