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Introduction to Omega Watches

Sporty sophistication and timeless quality. The true mark of a luxury timepiece is its enduring reputation. Omega watches have earned their reputation from well over a century of precision watchmaking. provides a vast selection of all types of Omega watches for sale. 

Originating from Switzerland, Omega watches have been widely popular across the world for a very long time. Omega watches were founded back in 1848, but it was not until 1903 that it went by the name Omega. Omega was going by the name of La Generale Watch Co instead. In 1918, the American Army decided that Omega watches would be the official timekeeper for their combat units, just like Britain’s Royal Flying Corps chose them the year before. And ever since 1932, Omega watches have been the official timekeeping device of the Olympic games as well. Omega watches parent company is the widely famous Swatch Group. 

Back during the recession of 1975, there was talks of Seiko buying Omega watches, but that not never went through. Years later, the company regained its status thanks to advertisement and featuring watches in movies that really reached the general population. 

Omega and Their Missions

Omega watches have made their mark across the earth and all of the way to the moon. That's right, an Omega was the first watch to tell time on the moon way back in 1969! The iconic James Bond also sports an Omega watch in many of the franchise's movies. Is it any wonder that many people around the world have chosen an Omega watch as their luxury timepiece of choice? 

From military units worldwide to the Olympic Games, those in the know have chosen Omega watches because of their durability, ability to handle the toughest conditions, reliability, and their precise timekeeping. 

Founder Louis Brandt’s sons created an in-house manufacturing and production system that made parts interchangeable and that alone changed the watch game. Louis’ sons passed in 1093 and the company was left with four young individuals. The oldest individual at the time, Paul-Emile Brandt was not even 24 years old yet. But nonetheless, Omega watches grew and only gained more popularity. 

While the Omega watches are also known for being in the James Bond franchise, there are actually excellent options when it comes to Omega ladies watches too. The Omega Constellation is a crowd favorite for Omega watches in the women category. Debuted in 1982, the Constellation Manhattan won the hearts of many with its simplicity, yet eye catching design and details. 

Selecting Your Favorite Omega Sport or Dive Watch Model: 

  • Aqua Terra sports a clean, sleek, and yet stylishly symmetrical design with an automatic movement. Is it any wonder that it's George Clooney's watch of choice?
  • Is a Constellation on your horizon? These sophisticated watches are popular among the James Bonds of the world. However, they are also elegant enough to grace any lady's wrist.  
  • The De Ville is one of Omega's newest introductions (2007). It is available in a variety of classically beautiful styles, many of which feature an innovative co-axial mechanical movement created at Omega's Swiss factory. 
  • Seamaster is one of Omega's most popular models and a renowned dive watch. The deep blue or black dials of many models hint at the great depths of which this watch is capable. The Omega Seamaster Diver watch can handle depths to 300 meters with ease. 
  • The iconic Speedmaster has mastered the art of working superbly while still looking good in almost any situation. As proof of its versatility, an Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronograph was the watch that made it to the moon and back! The chronograph function of this watch was originally designed for race car drivers. Get this amazing Omega sport watch today! 

The Timeless Treasure of Omega Watches

All of our watches, including our Omega models, are from authorized sources. Our 100% guarantee ensures you will find only authentic Omega watches for sale when you shop with us. Your Omega watch will come in a new box with its original manufacturer's warranty card, along with any original parts and tags. We take your trust seriously and are determined to earn it by being the world's best and most trusted online watch marketplace. When it comes to trying to find the cheapest Omega watch, some of the more affordable watch options would include the Omega Constellation Co-Axial, Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch and Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Co-Axial. And when you’re ready to look into some of those Omega watches, we hope that has exactly what you’re looking for. 

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Omega Watches
Swiss watchmaker Omega has been around for over 100 years and they have surely made their mark in the watch world. Not only are they beautiful and durable, but Omega watches like the Speedmaster and Seamaster have been featured on the big screen with the stars. Our Omega picks include those two collections as well as the Aqua Terra and the Constellation collections.
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