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Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Watches for Sale

Introduction to Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 

Are you looking for a watch that can stand up to the rigors of an underwater environment and yet fit effortlessly into any lifestyle? If so, look no farther than Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra watches. These sleek, sporty watches were designed with the ocean in mind. In fact, their very name evokes images of sun-drenched days lounging on a yacht or beach interspersed with an occasional deep ocean dive. 

However, these reliable watches look just as good in the boardroom or ballroom. Wherever you choose to wear it, your Seamaster Aqua Terra will turn heads with its classic look and obvious quality. The Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra collection appeals to both men and women with its clean, elegant, and symmetrical designs. 

What Makes the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Collection So Unique?  

These elegantly simple watches have a sporty sophistication that suits any lifestyle. Don't assume that their clean, balanced design means that they lack any essential features. These are luxury watches, after all! There is a full minute scale around the inner rim, a date window, and a strap that is carefully chosen to perfectly complement the watch. 

As quietly elegant as the Seamaster Aqua Terra watch looks, it is also durable. It is water resistant enough to easily withstand 15 bars of water pressure. That's 500 feet or 150 meters! 

Wherever you are, or whatever you're doing, you can trust that your Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra watch will be accurate and reliable. For well over 100 years, Omega watches have been earning their sterling reputation for quality, precision, and durability.

Choosing the Perfect Seamaster Aqua Terra Watch  

The Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra has been redesigned to achieve a more comfortable fit along with its stunning, elegant new appearance. The ladies' collection, in particular, is now much more appealing in comfort and looks. According to Omega, "The bracelets include re-proportioned and domed links that give a more feminine appearance."

Aqua Terra cases feature stainless steel, 18ct gold, or a combination of the two.

The cases are now seamlessly integrated with the bracelets for a better look and more comfortable fit.

The dials of the Aqua Terra men's collection are available in a range of distinguished colors: brown, black, gray, silver, or blue.

Men's straps include leather, stainless steel, and a 'structured' rubber.

Dials in the ladies' collection are available in fourteen different colors, including a lovely mother of pearl dial. Diamond hour markers are also available. Luxury editions are available in the ladies' collection, featuring a captivating variety and arrangement of jewels set in 18ct cases.

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Our Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra watches, like all of our watches, are guaranteed to be from authorized sources and 100% authentic. Each watch comes in a new box, complete with an original manufacturer's warranty card along with any original tags and accessories. We are determined to earn your trust and your business by selling only the finest watches at! Contact our customer service department for more information.

Omega Seamaster Watches for Sale

Introduction to Omega Seamaster

The Omega Seamaster will, to many of us, always be the James Bond watch. However, a closer look at this iconic timepiece reveals a much more nuanced story than this. Since inception in 1948, when the Omega Seamaster debuted as part of Omega’s 100th anniversary shindig, the model has been a hugely popular one that remains the oldest model in the Omega catalogue.  

Omega had long had a great reputation for diver’s watches well before the introduction of the Omega Seamaster. Indeed, many of the world’s greatest, most fearless practitioners of the sport had chosen Omega for this most vital piece of kit. When the Omega Seamaster did eventually launch in 1948 though, it took both the diving and horology worlds by storm and quickly established itself as a best seller in the Omega family.   

Omega engineers was so confident of the Seamaster’s durability, they attached one to the outside of an aircraft and flew it over the North Pole in 1956.  In 1957, the Omega Seamaster 300 was launched and, much like its predecessor, the Seamaster 300 proved to be extremely popular for underwater use. Able to dive to over 200 metres, famous oceanographer Jacques Cousteau and his squad of divers wore Omega Seamaster 300 watches during the renowned 1963 Conshelf II experiments.  

Omega Seamaster's Popularity

Now for the really exciting part, the seminal moment for the Omega Seamaster which occurred in 1995 and changed the face of this already legendary company. When, as James Bond, Pierce Brosnan donned an Omega Quartz Seamaster Professional 300 in Golden Eye, the Omega Seamaster would forever become associated with one of the most iconic characters and indeed franchises of all time. The Omega Seamaster 300 Automatic Chronometer would go on to feature in subsequent Bond movies including Tomorrow Never Dies (1997), The World is Not Enough (1999) and Die Another Day (2002).  

When Daniel Craig stepped into the shoes of 007, he would don an Omega Seamaster 300 in his first outing in Casino Royale (2006). For Quantum of Solace (2008), Craig wore an Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean and also a Seamaster was the choice for the next instalment, Skyfall (2012).   

Then, as a special way to mark the brand’s 20 year partnership with the franchise in 2015, Omega released a special model Seamaster 300 Spectre that had elements of the original James Bond Omega Seamaster watch, a truly special piece that is sought after to this day.  

The most recent iteration of this legendary watch came at Basel in 2017, when Omega debuted the 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Omega Seamaster that sought to pay homage to the 1957 model. A stunning commemorative piece that is aesthetically almost identical to the original, there are upgrades only to the quality of material and an advanced caliber 8806 on the inside. Vintage style done to perfection, the special edition 60th anniversary Omega Seamaster is truly a thing of beauty.  

Although best known as the James Bond watch, the Omega Seamaster is an iconic timepiece in its own right that blends masculine good looks with state of the art functionality. To this day the model is selected by elite divers to accompany them during expeditions and this, as well as the watch’s enduring popularity, are a testament to the Omega Seamaster’s absolute, undeniable quality.

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Using one of Omega’s most innovative technology, Omega’s Seamaster collection proves again and again why it’s a crowd favorite. Introduced to the world in 1957, the beautiful Seamaster collection was initially designed for divers and those who worked mostly underwater. But you don’t have to have one of those professions to love the way! It’s durable, fashionable and accurate.
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