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Surely, the Panerai Table Clock has the brand’s core ideas of beauty, rigour and creativity at its centre. The fresh 65mm big Panerai Table Clock looks similar to a large pocket watch that is put on a round bottom made from steel. In general the hour markers are engraved, with openings in the dial. Just like “Radiomir,” the company name, and “8 days.” A luminescent plate that is put next to the dial, gleams through openings in the dial, resulting in a very readable table clock, that makes it simple to read the time even under the worst of light situations.  

The amazing domed glass on all sides, that all as one creates a round sphere, makes bigger everything through its special effect. That makes it easy to better see details of the dial and the movement. As for the pocket watch style, the big crown is sat at 12 o’clock. Due to the fact that the choice for Panerai’s own in-house movement, calibre P.5000, the crown just has to be wound only one time per week.   

Due to the magnifying style, the movement can be easily viewed. In particular the few movement details that are seen, including the balance wheel and the intermediate wheel. Panerai’s table clock is a thing of beauty. 

To keep safe the best elements of creation, Officine Panerai began its new factory in Neuchâtel in 2014, at the heart of the Swiss area with one of the best horological traditions in the world, a much larger structure with better resources than the last Manufacture which started way back in 2002. 

A totally new building with over 10,000 square metres of space with about 250 people doing their amazing work. This new place brings together all the best operations and engineering ability needed to make a watch of top quality and it is the setting for the technical and ingenious spirit of the brand to be best shown, made better by the centuries of Swiss history in watchmaking game.  

Once it began to create watches, Panerai has used the term “Laboratorio di Idee” to display its dedication to the continuing quest for top technical ideas that will push the level and beauty of its watches. The word “laboratorio” is from the Latin term sparking the ability of the Panerai family. From the Tuscan city of Florence, they did not just create the very first horological workshop in the city in 1860, but who also made a family activity into a forward looking brand able to create top and great products that have been made into icons in the long story of watchmaking.

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