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In a small village between the Jura mountains of Switzerland, in the year of 1874, Georges Edouard Piaget started his own workshop on his family farm. It started off as a small business focused on producing pocket watches and high precision clock movements. The motto Georges Edouard Piaget created for himself was “Always do better than necessary.” He lived up to this motto by going beyond the goals he had set for himself and taking Piaget out of the little family farm to the most revered brands in the country.

About Piaget Watches

Piaget has never shied away from style. With the most revolutionary designs under their belt like the very first dials made from ornamental stones, they have always brought to the table something extraordinary. The brand values exceptional craftsmanship as shown in their collection Piaget Polo S. It aims to perpetuate, preserve and harness such expertise and by doing, so it hopes to give shape to a rich culture of craftsmanship. 

Piaget Men’s Watches 

Hosting a plethora of the most luxurious designs and state of the art craftsmanship Piaget’s collections of men’s watches are something you simply cannot ignore. Upholding its reputation for outstanding quality and irresistible artistry the brand produces such Piaget wrist watches that become immediate favorites. Made from the finest materials they are bound to look fantastic no matter how you wear them. Check out the latest collection of Piaget watches for sale.

Altiplano Watch GOA42140 

This elegant timepiece is a striking example of beauty in simplicity. With a 41mm,18k white gold case paired with a stunning dial made from onyx, obsidian, and slate-grey jasper marquetry, the watch radiates with power and elegance. The piece is one of Piaget’s ultra-thin creations which adds to the sophistication of the design.

Elements adding to the glamour are the brilliant diamond stones that line the dial and the black crocodile strap that compliments the dial well. The watch has a hand-wound mechanical movement and is water resistant up to 3 ATM.

Altiplano Watch G0A42204 

Another item from the Altiplano collection this timepiece is truly unique in style. Designed for the 60th anniversary, the watch has an exquisite look to it. One glance could tell that this watch has something special. It is the best example of integrating jewelry making with technical expertise.

It is a tourbillon watch with a beautiful dial. The proof of exceptional craftsmanship comes shining through when you pay attention to the minor detail. For example, the brilliant diamonds cut to precision to fit perfectly in the design and the depiction of the most beautiful sunburst motif in dull gold. The gold complements the dial that has been designed by Flinque enamel. The case is a 41mm, round, made from white gold.

Piaget Emperador Cushion Watch G0A38018 

This watch represents the promise of extravagance and luxury made by the brand. Held together by black Alligator straps the look of the watch is flawless. The case shape is that of a cushion. The flare comes from the diamonds studded around the rim of the dial. The case is a 48mm diameter case made with white gold. The movement of the watch is a self-winding mechanical movement. The blue in the dial brings together the entire look of the watch. The design is so well crafted that it is easy to pair it with articles of your choice, making the design evergreen.

Piaget Emperador Cushion Watch G0A38042 

Emperador; a watch that is fit for a king! The watches from the Emperador collection all channel an aura of royalty. Crafted with the utmost finesse, these pieces are the most majestic pieces you will come across. The case is perfect rose gold with a diameter of 46.5mm. The color palette for this elegant masterpiece comprises of earthy tones. To go with the rose gold case the strap is a brown color with an alligator texture to it. The movement of this piece is also a self-winding mechanical movement that adds to the ease of use of the watch.

Piaget Polo Watch Chinese Zodiac G0A41200 

Although all Piaget watches are exceptional and unique, however, this piece easily takes the cake. Engraved with the Chinese zodiac in between the dials this watch can easily become a powerful statement piece. The index also differs from your usual indexes. This watch features them in Arabic.

The dial is a black enamel that works extremely well against the designs etched in silver. This piece is hand wound and is water resistant up to 3ATM.

Apart from the men’s collection, you will also find excellent Piaget women’s watches along with luxurious collections of Piaget gold watches for sale.

Piaget has a lot to offer; with its innovative and unique designs and the amount of thought put into each piece, the watches stand out from all the others. If you are looking for class, creativity and a spectacular display of talent at its finest you should look at Piaget. With timepieces ranging from contemporary statement pieces to sophisticated vintage designs it is easy to find the perfect one to add to your collection from

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