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Do you own the 'tuxedo' of watches? The Rolex Cellini has been called that for its understated style and elegance. This isn't a typical workhorse Rolex, well-known as premiere sport and utility watches. As beautifully designed and remarkably functional as they are, other Rolexes simply can't match the Cellini as the quintessential dress watch. It's sleek, elegant design is sophisticated and timeless. 

An Artistic Heritage 

Add a touch of contemporary stylishness to traditional design and you'll have the Cellini, a name that traces back to the passionate and irrepressible Benvenuto Cellini, celebrated Italian Renaissance goldsmith and sculptor. Although not nearly as picturesque as its namesake, the Rolex Cellini is equally as admired.  

The Cellini exalts watchmaking as an art form. In honor of the celebrated goldsmith, Cellini cases are available exclusively in gold. The 18ct white or Everose cases are even cast in the Rolex foundry. has various models of the Rolex Cellini watches that are available for sale.  

The Unique Qualities of the Cellini 

Luxurious, noble, and refined describe the quality and appearance of this unique addition to the revered Rolex line. Although simpler in design than other Rolexes, the Cellini lacks none of their exquisite craftsmanship or perfection of design. In its refinement, it is perhaps the epitome of the art of watchmaking.  

In a nod to traditional watchmaking, all Cellini watches feature round, 39mm dials. However, the exquisite details that accent those dials are pure refinements of the watchmaker's art. The Rolex Cellini line also celebrates elegant tradition with fine leather straps complete with 18 ct buckles. 

An art aesthetic is particularly evident in the much-anticipated Rolex Cellini Moonphase watch. With a full moon crafted from a disc of meteoric iron, the Cellini Moonphase will mark the changing phases of the moon with a treasured celestial keepsake. 

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