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Rolex Day Date Watches

There really are not many watches like the Rolex Day Date around. Since its inception in 1956, this most prestigious of watches has become something of a legend among watch enthusiasts and even the general public. Due in part to the Day Date’s popularity among presidents, particularly US presidents, the watch has gained near mythical status in recent decades and continues to be seen as a byword for luxury, wealth and, yes, power.

An elegant watch without too many frills, the Day Date is only available crafted from 18ct gold or platinum, which goes some way to explaining the particular prestige this watch holds. The Day Date was the first chronometer to show the full day of the week and of the month in individual dials, something which ensures the watch continues to stand out today. Aside from its obvious beauty, the Day Date carries with it a special kind of aura due to the fact that this watch has been the choice for so many of the globe’s most esteemed celebrities, politicians, sportspeople and more. Indeed, this super accurate wrist piece is the ideal choice for elites with its blend of opulence, elegance and practicality. As much as the Rolex Day Date is a symbol of the wearer’s success and prestige, it represents everything that Rolex as a brand has long striven to be: elite, alluring and powerful.

By the time the Day Date was released, Rolex was already a highly esteemed name in the watchmaking world. In fact, the brand had realised many watchmaking firsts, such as the very first waterproof wristwatch - the Oyster - way back in 1926. Then in 1931 came the watchmaking world’s very first self-winding wristwatch, the Perpetual, which used a groundbreaking technology that would go on to be used by the entire industry.

And yet, for all of this pomp and prestige, the release of the Day Date in the mid 1950’s continues to be seen as the brand’s defining hour. It is known that the brand’s founder, Hans Wilsdorf, who created the Day Date as his final flagship piece, considered it to be his finest achievement as a watchmaker. This was mostly due, in part, to the fact that the Day Date was the first watch of its kind to implement an instantaneous jump calendar system. By showcasing a window in which the day of the week could be displayed in full in any one of 26 languages, Wilsdorf had created the globe’s first luxury, self-winding chronograph of truly international status.

Whilst the inclusion of the day of the week window at the apex of the face was a truly innovative feature of the Day Date, the watch is endowed with a range of further revolutionary features. The date aperture, for example, is enlarged via the use of a cyclops lens, which was another Rolex innovation that was pioneering at the time of release and indeed, which has become standard for many watches to this day. Furthermore, the exclusive use of precious metals in producing the Day Date casing and bracelet - either 950 platinum or 18ct yellow, white or Everose gold - only served to deepen the mythical status that surrounds this most prestigious of wristwatches.

Having experienced innumerable updates and improvements since its release in 1956, the Day Date continues to be one of, if not the most prestigious watch in the Rolex arsenal. Today’s iteration of the watch - the Day Date 40 - is more elegant and refined than ever, with the brand having mastered the iconic semi-circular presidential bracelet to appear more seamlessly constructed than ever before. Featuring Rolex’s patented 3255 movement, the item benefits from some of the most accurate technologies around. This innovative self winding movement represents significant leaps forward for both Rolex and watchmaking as a whole with its attention to precision, power reserve, resistance to shocks and magnetism and its ease of use and reliability levels.

Undoubtedly, the Rolex Day Date is one of the most iconic watches of all time. As the choice of presidents and many more of the globe’s most successful and powerful people, this elegant wristwatch continues to set standards across the industry. Crafted exclusively from precious metals, the Day Date is a truly high end luxury watch whose complex internal movement is a triumph of modern micro-engineering.

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