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Introducion to Rolex Lady Datejust

The story of Rolex’s iconic Datejust range begins in 1945 with the release of the first iteration of the family. Launched in order to celebrate the brand’s 40th anniversary, the Datejust remains one of the oldest families of Rolex watches still in production today, which is a testament to the product’s universal appeal. True to its name, the Datejust was remarkable for its time due to the fact that this was the very first self winding wristwatch to feature a dedicated window displaying the date, which would automatically change over at midnight. In adding this feature to the Datejust, Rolex once more changed the face of watchmaking. 

Due to the fact that this family of watches is not aligned to any particular sporting pursuit (unlike many other Rolex lines), the Datejust is seen as one of the Swiss company’s most versatile timepieces. Designed for day to day use, the Datejust is seen by many as the ultimate everyday wristwatch and indeed, for many, it is the only watch they will ever need.

A little known fact about the Datejust is that the now famous Jubilee bracelet style was originally created for this family of Rolex watches. The five piece metal link bracelet style has become emblematic of Rolex watches and nowhere is this more true than with the Datejust family. 

Rolex Lady Datejust Is A Top Choice 

As the Datejust became more and more popular in the 1950’s, a wider variety of materials for the watch bracelet and casing were made available to the public. Rather than offering just an 18ct gold option, the brand decided to provide stainless steel and the now iconic Rolesor (two-tone) options. It was also around this time that the first Lady Datejust was released, which took the much loved design of the Datejust and simply scaled down the proportions to better suit a female wrist. Needless to say, the decision proved a canny one as the Lady Datejust would go on to become one of the brand’s best selling feminine wrist watches as well as an international symbol of class and elegance.

Today’s Lady Datejust watches come with a range of high-end, sophisticated features and standard, making them one of the most sought after items in the world of women’s watches. The Presidential Bracelet, which also comes in solid gold or platinum, is a triumph of elegance and luxury, a linked bracelet with concealed ‘Crownclasp’ that’s just as seamless as it is alluring. Then there is the internal beauty of this watch, which is fitted with a calibre 2236 self winding mechanical movement, developed and manufactured entirely by Rolex. The brand’s patent silicon Syloxi hairspring ensures superlative chronometric performance at all times, making the Lady Datejust one of the world’ most accurate wrist watches.

Another unique feature on some of today’s Lady Datejust watches is the iconic, stunning Champagne coloured dial. Paired with 18ct gold hour markers which, on the most prestigious of models, are inset with diamonds, this alluring face makes these watches sing with pure sophistication. In addition, the cyclops lens feature that serves to enhance the date aperture is yet another touch of distinctively recognisable Rolex history.

There are several combinations of the Lady Datejust available for purchase in the modern era, with the legendary characteristics of the original design very much still at the heart of things. 

Just some of the materials available include Everose gold options inlaid with diamonds and blended with the brand’s patented Oystersteel. Then there’s the Oystersteel with yellow gold and diamonds, the Oystersteel and white gold or even the beautifully simple Oystersteel model. Others include platinum with diamonds, pure white gold with diamonds or pure yellow gold with diamonds. In short, there is hardly any limit to the combinations of fine materials used to create Lady Datejust watches, with the colour of the face also a frequently customisable aspect too.

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Rolex Lady Datejust Watches
If you're on the market for a classic ladies watch, it doesn't get more classic than the Rolex Lady Datejust. This classic timepiece is the perfect sophisticated wrist accessory that you're looking for. The watch made its debut back in the 1950s and was a pure example of what timeless elegance looked like. The Rolex Lady Datejust comes in a variety of options and features, that way there is definitely something that's just your style.
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