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Introduction to Rolex Sky Dweller

Released in 2012, the Rolex Sky Dweller has very quickly become one of the best loved watches in the Swiss brand’s impressive family tree. A luxury travel watch aimed at a wider audience than other contemporary releases, the Sky Dweller is a sporty yet minimalistic and elegant wristwatch which blends the best of the Day Date and GMT Master families.

When the watch was first unveiled at Baselworld back in 2012, fans were shocked that the watch was not more of a specialised aviation piece as its name suggested, but a more relaxed, everyday product. Similar to watches such as the President and Datejust, there was however much furore created around the Sky Dweller’s unusual face.

First of all, at 42mm, the watch was large by Rolex standards, if not by those of most other manufacturers. Yet more interestingly, the Sky Dweller includes an off centre sub counter that splices the lower hour markers into two. This daring step, controversial at the time, has proven to be yet another masterstroke from Rolex, whose decision to diverge from their austere aesthetic for this watch has proven with time to be a savvy one indeed.

Rolex Sky Dweller Styles

The fact that the Sky Dweller, upon release, was available only in three styles, all of which use exclusively precious metals, meant that the watch was and continues to be one of the priciest in the brand’s catalogue. The three choices of yellow gold, white gold or Everose gold was a further statement of intent from Rolex who had clearly decided to release a premium watch dripping with sophisticated luxury with the unveiling of the Sky Dweller in 2012. 

Whilst the controversial nature of the watch meant a slow start to sales, the item continues to be a top performer for Rolex due to the fact that its internal mechanisms are among some of the highest performing and most complex on earth. Central to this was the inclusion of an annual calendar and a dual time zone function in the Sky Dweller, both highly useful yet terribly complicated to create. Not only does this watch have both, yet they perform to such high standards that this model has developed a reputation as a masterpiece of micro-engineering. 

The SAROS system which the annual calendar runs off of is one of the most complex ever created by Rolex or any other watchmaker for that matter. The Cal. 9001 calibre that powers this technological marvel is composed of more than 380 separate parts and is of such potency and accuracy that it even makes sure the calendar compensates for the differing amount of days in each month. Truly, Rolex had created a pioneering feature with their SAROS system, so dubbed due to the astronomical term that is used to pinpoint solar and lunar eclipses. 

This complexity of the Sky Dweller’s internal mechanism is partly the reason for the watch face having so many components. Indeed, the annual calendar feature is brilliantly simple as soon as one understands the way in which it works. Essentially, each hour marker has a small aperture just above it, with each of these corresponding to a month of the year. So, 1 o’clock is January, 2 o’clock is February and so on. The calendar mechanism simply fills one of the aperture windows to indicate which is the present month. 

Meanwhile, the dual time zone feature is served by the Sky Dweller’s controversial, off centre disc. Rather than use alternative hands to show the distant time zone, the Sky Dweller uses a separate dial altogether, which is printed with a 24 hour dial. Whilst some aficionados dislike the inclusion of the disc for its supposed busying of the watch face, others appreciated the level of complexity and rugged practicality that it brought to the Sky Dweller, features not generally associated with Rolex watches. 

The Sky Dweller, packed as it is with fascinating features, also boasts Rolex’s famous Ring Command Bezel. This allows the wearer to adjust a different feature of the watch with each quarter turn. For example, the date in the 3 o’clock window can be changed by slipping the bezel into its first position, the second position controls the main hour hands whilst the final one allows changing of the GMT disc time. The real genius behind the Ring Command Bezel, especially on a watch so packed with features as the Sky Dweller, is its erasure of any need for buttons on the side of the watch. This not only ensures a seamless aesthetic yet it also keeps the Sky Dweller firmly in the dress watch category.

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Rolex Sky Dweller Watches
One of a kind. The Rolex Sky Dweller is really here to help you keep track of time. It has an annual calendar as well as a dual time zone, so it’s a great choice for global travelers. With a bezel that rotates, you're able to set your own time zones and the date change is connected to your local time. The Rolex Sky Dweller runs on a calibre 9001, which is a self-winding mechanical movement. All in all, this is a highly recommended watch!
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