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Released in 1953 along with reference 6202, it is obvious that the initial Rolex Turn O Graph was what informed the famous Submariner. Each of these watches have a similar design style, using a black rotating bezel, black dial and oyster bracelet to create a sleek aesthetic. Indeed, the Rolex Submariner remained far from release yet creation had started in 1953 and the Turn O Graph was something of a guinea pig for this watch.  

For more than a century, Rolex watches have helped explorers and achievers around the world, from the peak of the highest mountains to the lowest reaches of the ocean. Today, Rolex is there at the most adored events in golf, sailing, tennis, motor sport, and at equestrian tournaments. Rolex brings a unique and lasting element to global culture, science and exploration.  

Rolex has created a top relationship with boats out of a natural link with the sport of yachting and its legendary values. This close bond goes back for over half a century to an amazing partnership with the New York Yacht Club that brought Rolex’s involvement in the sport. Now, Rolex has long ties with the most amazing yacht clubs, institutions and regattas in the world, sharing the top standards of brilliance with the custodians of yachting’s finest spirit.  

Rolex’s love for precision, quality and design puts the brand to world-class buildings, too. In horology, as in architecture, quality in design makes for the ideal show of form and function. Bringing on the fine use of space and technical creativity has given the brand to develop relationships with the best architects for its own buildings worldwide. They include Fumihiko Maki, Kengo Kuma and Michael Graves. Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa.  

Rolex’s love for the arts and culture is a bit of the quality of the things that the company’s founder Hans Wilsdorf loved. In line with a need to bring on quality and inspire future generations, the brand has brought enduring quality with some of the world’s best artists, who continue to reach further to attain the pinnacle of their discipline. 

The brand also has long-term links with the prestigious events, institutions and orchestras that present the highest range of achievement. Every year 100,000 people come together in the Palace and Gardens of Schönbrunn, Vienna, for the Vienna Philharmonic’s hotly anticipated Summer Night Concert. This amazing open-air piece has been shown by Rolex annually since 2009. It helps the brand’s partnership with the Vienna Philharmonic, one of the world’s best musical places, and its commitment to making new music for all.  

The Salzburg Festival was first held in 1920 and has shown itself as one of the most amazing of its kind, an event where the arts blends in with fun to make a special experience. Its broad artistic love of art brings together the world’s finest conductors, stage directors, singers, musicians, actors and orchestras for top performances in opera, drama and concerts. Rolex is one of the Main Sponsors of the Festival since 2012.  

Although, when it was released in the 1950’s as a form of prototype of the more iconic Submariner, the Rolex Turn O Graph is a stunning watch in itself that has a look of mystery and fineness to this day.

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