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With the Seiko Brightz collection, this venerated Japanese brand seeks to appeal to men around the world. These Seiko timepieces are stunning examples of modern masculine design done properly, sturdy and yet truly chic on the wrist. The Brightz family was initially an exclusive release for the Japanese market however these days it has grown immensely popular across the globe for its sleek looks and serious wearability.  

Stylish yet functional, modern yet classical, the Seiko Brightz features three sub dials, pronounced lugs, stainless steel case, Roman numerals, luminescent hands, a tachymeter and global time zone indicator. Truly, this is a watch for the most modern and influential of men who looks to assert their passions and values in every situation.

A single look at the Seiko Brightz watch and real connoisseurs of the industry know the quality on show. This is one of those watch families blessed with immense versatility, making it perfect for all occasions whether it be a weekend lunch, a day at work or even a formal event such as a gala or dinner.  

Way back in the 19th century, Seiko’s founder, Kintaro Hattori, began by repairing and creating clocks for the people of Yokohama in what is the beginning of the brand’s magical story. Seiko soon became famous for the high level of workmanship of their pieces, with the brand becoming one of the top horology names in Asia over the coming decades.  

Seiko had started to offer it’s watches in the United States as well as other countries in the western world by the end of the 1950’s. Indeed, the watches were growing so popular in a range of countries just at the ideal moment, as brand new conveyor belt capabilities gave them the chance of making over 3 million units every 12 months.  

A huge jump in Seiko’s stock followed, yet the brand was not done there. Following the first experience of a hit product with the Quartz clock, Seiko grasped the opportunity to evolve once more the first ever quartz wristwatch aimed at the wider world. 

In 1969 it came, with the launch of the Seiko Astron 35SQ, the brand said that, one day, all wristwatches would be made using the same pioneering quartz technology. Surely Seiko, however, could not have predicted quite how correct this statement would go on to be.  

Seiko’s enormous fame continued to spread across the globe after the launch of the Seiko Astron. Once more, they were selected as official timekeeper for the Olympics, this time the Winter Olympics of Sapporo 1972. Seiko were by this moment almost exclusively crafting quartz watches, released the initial ladies-only quartz model that year as well.

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