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What is perhaps most striking about this family of watches is their sheer variety, coming as they do in a range of calibres, colors and strap styles. Indeed, these watches are all automatic watches that show the beauty of the quartz movements.  

The Seiko Lukia collection comes in three separate categories, including the Automatic Mechanical, Chronograph and Solar. 

Firstly let’s look at the Seiko Lukia Automatic Mechanical 4R35, which runs on the notorious automatic mechanical winding movement 4R35 calibre. This gorgeous timepiece can be purchased in a range of variants and arrives in a stainless steel case and boasts a steel bracelet or leather strap depending on which the buyer selects. 

The watch has a date window at its 3 o’clock marker and features water resistance up to 100 metres. The hands and indices of the watch are truly special and display the time in the most visually pleasing manner.  

Second is the Seiko Lukia Chronograph 7T12, a stunning timepiece with a chronograph dial that is graced with no less than three sub dials. With a stainless steel case, the timepiece also has a sapphire crystal glass to ensure sturdiness and beauty. Add to this the range of intense dial colours as well as bracelet styles and you have a watch that is a truly gorgeous model for that enthusiasts across the globe adore. 

The Lukia Chronograph comes in black, gold and silver hues too.  The Seiko Lukia Solar V173 is powered by the Calibre V173, the Solar watches come in three styles. Two are gold and the other is gold and silver. The dial of this iteration is truly special and aimed at those women who want to be bold. 

With a date window shown at its 3 o’clock marker, the 32.9 mm sits beautifully on most wrists.  A single glance at the Seiko Lukia watch and true connoisseurs of the game know the quality on show. This is one of the families that has the most versatility on the market, making it ideal for all occasions whether it be a weekend brunch, a day at the office or even a fancy black tie dinner.

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