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It was at Baselworld 2016 that Seiko launched the international collection of the Presage watch. In just a year, the Presage has gained an enviable respect in the hearts of lovers of beautiful watches in many corners of the globe, due to the range of its models, its high value for price and the wide variety of calibres from the affordable 4R through 6R to the luxury 8R. 

Presage combines a range of Seiko's most advanced elements of mechanical horology, which include the Magic Lever, a special and highly accurate Spron alloys used in the springs and the Diashock protection system. At the core of every Presage model are the boons of more than a century of horology and of an exclusively in-house approach to manufacture. Without a doubt, Presage from Seiko is an example of top automatic horology from Japan. 

Indeed, there are eight models in the family, each informed by a famous cocktail and each boasting its own unique set of hues. Just two different calibers are used; the 4R35 offers the thinness and elegance of a three hander whilst, as well, the 4R57 provides a core power reserve element. All eight options have the little design accents that meant the first iteration was such a success.

There are, for example, the sunray dials that boast a profound pattern that gleam with beauty  enhanced by seven elements of shining finish and the lucidity of the box-like crystals. The hands are softly curved by expert workers to provide the watch case a thinner look. When twisting the specially moulded crown, users can sense the rugged pull of the winding mechanism itself at work.  

The story of Seiko stretches all the way to the 19th century. Seiko’s creator, Kintaro Hattori, first began by fixing and making clocks for the folk of Yokohama. The brand soon developed a name for the beauty of their work, with Seiko evolving into one of the top timekeeping brands in Japan over the coming decades.  

At the turn of the 60’s Seiko had begun to sell it’s watches in the United States as well as other countries  in the western world. The watches were becoming popular in a variety of countries just at the correct time, as brand new conveyor belt technology gave them the possibility of making upwards of 3 million units per annum.  

This caused a massive surge in Seiko’s stock but the company was not quite done yet. After first experiencing success with the Quartz clock, Seiko saw an opportunity to evolve the first ever quartz wristwatch aimed at the wider world. In 1969 it came, with the launch of the Seiko Astron 35SQ, the brand said that, one day, all wristwatches would be made using the same pioneering quartz technology. Surely Seiko, however, could not have predicted quite how correct this statement would go on to be.  

Seiko’s immense popularity continued to grow across the globe after the launch of the Seiko Astron. Once more, they were selected as official timekeeper for the Olympic Games – in this instance the Winter Olympics of 1972 in Sapporo. Seiko were by now almost exclusively creating quartz watches, launching the inaugural ladies quartz watch in that year too.

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