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The Seiko Selection watches family is a series of timepieces from legendary Japanese watchmakers Seiko. The Selection family is renowned for its Radio capabilities, receiving standard radio waves in Japan, Chin and the USA. This Solar Radio controlled watch is unique in the modern industry and offers owners the chance to possess a piece of horological history.   

Highly accurate and waterproof for day to day purposes, the Selection family are rather a lot larger than other collections with their 46 mm dials bringing an element of masculinity to their overall aesthetic. With a screw down crown, overcharge prevention and power saving, this is a truly clever timepiece that collectors the world over are scrambling to buy. The full auto calendar function is a neat feature whilst the addition of radio technology means the time is as accurate as can be all of the time!  

A marvel of technology initially released only for the Japanese market, the Selection family from Seiko champions simple design and internal supremacy, making this the perfect day to day watch for the modern man for whom accuracy and precision are essential components of life. 

When Seiko’s founder, Kintaro Hattori, began repairing and creating clocks for the people of Yokohama, he could never have dreamed that his company would go on to be one of the most wildly successful in Japanese history. Though the beginning of the brand’s magical story has humble roots, Seiko soon became globally renowned for the commitment and technical beauty of their models, with the brand becoming one of the top timekeeping names in the world across the following years.  

Perhaps the brand’s greatest moment arrived In 1969 with the release of the Seiko Astron 35SQ, the world’s first quartz wrist watch. At the time, the brand proclaimed, rather boldly and, some thought, stupidly, that all wristwatches would soon be using the very same quartz movement. As we now know, few could have predicted how true this would prove to be.  

Over the coming years Seiko’s enormous reputation continued to grow as the brand became a byword for quality and ingenuity across the horological community and, indeed, with the wider public. Indeed, there is not a city in existence that does not have a jeweller today selling Seiko watches. This, above all else, is a testament to the longevity and quality of this brand, who started out in the backstreets of Yokohama as a community shop for selling and repairing simple clocks.   

To own a Seiko is to possess a piece of timekeeping gold, a symbol of the human spirit for creation and improvement.

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