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A Brand Apart 

The Sevenfriday brand was founded in 2013 by a repatriated Swiss lawyer named Daniel Niederer, who specialized in restructuring luxury goods companies worldwide. From the start, the brand was driven by a desire to be fresh and modern. Their complex and unusual watches break the boundaries of luxury watches. Shop these luxury SevenFriday watches for sale at 

A Unique Philosophy  

SevenFriday is more of a lifestyle than a brand. The brand's tagline is "show me don't tell me" and it represents an emotional, creative, and action-oriented lifestyle. The brand name is a modern interpretation of the Latin 'carpe diem' or 'seize the day' and represents the brand's philosophy perfectly. 

Design Principles  

The unique look of these watches was driven by industrial design, architecture, and engineering coupled with a desire to be different. Their resemblance to a vintage television is no accident. The unique shapes are described as "round-squared and squared-round" and represent a breaking away from what is considered a 'normal' watch shape. The masculine yet sophisticated style of Sevenfriday watches is original, indeed!   

Sevenfriday watches are designed to be difficult to read. The purpose is to cause the wearer to interact more with the watch, thus gaining a greater appreciation of it as a timepiece. Checking the time on one of these watches is an entirely new experience! Discover the uniqueness of Sevenfriday watches for sale by purchasing yours today from! 

The Intriguing SevenFriday Watch Collections  

Like everything else about the brand, the names of the collections invoke an industrial vibe by consisting of a single letter. Here then are two of the Sevenfriday watch collections available for sale.   

The P-Series 

Elegant, fearless, and boldly original. This is the P-series, one of the more minimalistic designs within the brand. This popular collection ranges from relatively subdued, almost dress-type watches to boldly colored 'racing team' stylings. No matter what their particular look, the P-series are all definitely originals!  

The V-Series 

The V-series is a very modern watch that definitely pays homage to industry and engines. The squared-round shape of the case is a bit more conventional-looking but the dial resembles an industrial gauge more than it does a typical watch. This is the watch for someone who wants to push the boundaries but in a classic and elegant way. 

Let Us Help You Find That Special Sevenfriday Watch 

Browse our selection of Sevenfriday watches for sale and prepare yourself for an entirely new horological experience! Intriguing, exhilarating, and exceptional are all adjectives that aptly describe the Sevenfriday watches for sale at the best online watch store from!

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