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The legendary TAG Heuer Monaco has a cult following with its stylishly unique look. Debuting in 1969, the world's first waterproof automatic chronograph with its square, sporty case quickly became very popular. That popularity was helped in part when iconic film star Steve McQueen wore one of these very recognizable watches in his 1970 hit racing movie, Le Mans. That sporting legacy is imbued into this classy watch to this day. 

Features of the TAG Heuer Monaco: 

• These chronographs are waterproof up to 164 feet (50 meters).  

• The fluted crown makes adjusting the watch easy. 

• The watch crystal is sapphire and therefore scratch-resistant. 

• It has a well-crafted stainless steel case.  

• It's available in calibres 11 and 12. 

• Generally, the only complication is a simple date feature. • There are no numbers on the watch face. Along with the lack of complications, this feature gives the watch its sleek, minimalist look. 

• The Monaco's iconic square face is instantly recognizable. 

• They are available with either an alligator leather or rubber strap. 

If you are looking for a sporty, yet sophisticated watch that is just a bit out of the ordinary, you may want to consider the TAG Heuer Monaco. After all, if it looked great on one of the most famous actors of his day, wouldn't it look great on your wrist, too?  

TAG Heuer Monaco Watches for Sale at ShopWatches.ca Each of our TAG Heuer Monaco watches has been carefully inspected to prove its authenticity. That careful inspection also ensures that it will be in perfect working order when it reaches you. Your Monaco will arrive in a new box and with all of its original paperwork and accessories, along with our in-house product warranty card. If you ever have any questions, our top-notch customer service staff will be happy to help!

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