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Introduction to Tissot T-Pocket Watches  

This novelty timepiece is mostly mechanical as opposed to electric, which gives it more functionality and makes it a testament to wearers' appreciation for fine craftsmanship. A durable mainspring simply powers it through the gear train and escapement. Tissot T-Pocket watches also feature the tourbillon, an essential feature for any self-respecting pocket watch, which maintains gravitational pull and enhances its impressive outlook. The dials are incredibly ornate to ensure that the hands and marks are easily visible, even in poor lighting conditions. A great example of a Tissot T-Pocket that matches this description is the Tissot Savonnette Pocket Watch, a timepiece that speaks of the glorious past with a contemporary appeal.  

The analogue display of these watches exudes an elitism that everyone and anyone can attain without it getting watered down. They feature quartz crystals that ensure they never tell the wrong time. The Savonette has a diameter of 41 millimetres. The band is plated with gold for enhanced and dials that are coloured and white. The watch movement is quartz, thus eliminating deadbeat seconds. If you're a collector of exotic timepieces, your collection is incomplete without the nostalgic Tissot T-Pocket family of watches. The clasp closure has a spring-ring that makes it easy to open and shut. It has a removable chain with which it can be held or at attached stylishly to an outfit.  

Tissot watches today maintain the culture and extravagance that Charles Tissot and Lilo Depuis. These watchmakers placed high stress on attention to the minutiae of detail. All Tissot creations since then have not compromised the legacy handed down. The watch case is made with a rhodium finish and sturdy brass. When opened, they reveal an attractive dial face composed of sword-shaped black hands on a white background. The numerals are marked with Arabic number while the names of Tissot and Depuis adorn each watch, right below the 12 o'clock mark. The mineral crystal face is resistant to scratching, ultraviolet light, heat, moisture and discolouration.   

Different Styles of T-Pocket  

A great example of the exquisite nature of the Tissot T-Pocket range of watches is the Tissot Specials Mechanical Pocket Watch. Its entire casing is made with a white gold alloy, mixed with palladium that gives it the distinctive silver tone. This tone runs through the bezel, hands, and hour markers. It tracks time to the most minutiae of seconds with the sub-dial mechanism. It has a Calibre No.6497 as proof that it meets the best quality standards of the Swiss watches globally. The power cells in this quartz watch have a reserve of up to 46 hours. The crystal cover over the dial is made with high-quality mineral glass that ensures that it is scratch resistant.  

If what you're looking for is the best Swiss heritage in the world of pocket watches, Tissot T-Pocket range should be your first and only choice. For the past 165 years, they have effectively combined the art of time telling with the sophistication of classic European nobility. The gentleman who appreciates the subtle details of style will not be caught dead without having one strapped to his pocket. Most of the T-Pockets come with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty, and all have a polished finish. Give your image a gift today – Get a Tissot T-Pocket watch.

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