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Introduction to Tissot T-Sport Watches  

The brand named Tissot has a storied background, beginning in the Jura Mountains, the heart of Swiss watchmaking. Back in 1853, Charles-Félicien Tissot and his son Charles-Émile blended efforts to start up Tissot in the little town of Le Locle, where the brand remains based today. Nowadays Tissot is a part of the Swatch Group, the globe’s biggest Swiss watch producer and retailer.  From the beginnings of the brand in the mid 20th century, the beauty and accuracy of Tissot watches won a variety of awards. Tissot has always been looking for creativity, whether in the technical area or its designs, to birth models which play a central role in horological history, remaining true to its philosophy.      

The first Swiss law helping protect commercial companies was brought in back in 1880 and, because during the time Tissot was made there was no such thing as a logo, this was the year that the first Tissot logo was registered. This then underwent a range of changes, following the change of the brand and accompanying its global growth. The modern logo, together with the slogan, was registered at the turn of the millennium.  

The initial commercials made by Tissot were shown in cinemas across the 1940s. The plethora of Tissot markets and audiences resulted in, even at that time, films being created in several iterations, initially with voice-overs in English and German, then as well in a variety of languages such as Japanese and Chinese.  

Tissot Gains Popularity  

Over time, Tissor watches have kept an eye on current trends, but the way in which these watches can be worn is representative of classic style and every spell and of the flux of the globe. Indeed, it can be said that there is a big equality separating the evolution of fashion and the families that Tissot has been making for women since 1853.   

This helps to show how Tissot has continuously changed the global tale of Swiss horology and ensures that style remains high end. In the 1800’s, Tissot made pocket watches for men and pendant watches for females, an interesting quirk from the era.  

The Tissot history stories show evidence that, due to its wide variety of high quality suppliers, Tissot was able to give a wide range of wristwatches both in their materials and styles. Right in the beginning of the 20th Century, Tissot also made wristwatches, well prior to the inter war years and the purple patch of this new style of watch.   

Since then the brand has established itself as a global favourite and the success of the T-Sport family of watches remains a symbol of this. With a wide range of models included in the family, Tissot T-Sport embodies everything that a high end sports watch should; ruggedness, elegance and intense practicality.

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