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Introduction to Tissot Touch Watches  

With the launch of the Tissot Touch collection in 1999, the watch industry witnessed an amazing technological breakthrough with Tissot's creation of what is a highly tactile watch. The Tissot T-Touch II was launched as the Official Watch Partner of the Jungfrau Railway's Centenary in 2012. As the famous train heads up to Europe's highest-altitude railway station at almost 3,500 metres above sea level, timing and precision engineering is vital. This means the partnership with Tissot is an ideal one. The dedicated Tissot Jungfrau Collection of eight watches sends the alpine feeling of Switzerland to watch lovers all across the globe, with every piece arriving in a beautiful box.  

Watches such as Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar Jungfraubahn Edition are a family that has been made in partnership with one of the most legendary Swiss railway companies: the Jungfraubahn. Every piece celebrates the esprit of one of the most well known Swiss mountains. Each comes with a special engraved case back and some models are even presented in a special wooden watch box.  

Tissot’s Adventurous Side  

Then there’s the T-Touch Expert Solar, a vital new model in the Tissot range. Tissot’s adventurous spirit is what led to the making of tactile watches in 1999. These days, it is the first to boast a touch-screen watch running on solar energy, confirming its place as leader in tactile technology in horology. Capably designed, it shows off clean lines in sports and timeless watches, too. Using solar energy, there are 25 features such as weather forecasting, an altimeter, second time zone and a compass, making this the ideal companion for serious adventures.  

A Tissot mechanical movement boasts, on average, 100 expertly made pieces. The balance wheel sits at the core of the movement and guarantees its precision. With a relentless backwards and forwards movement, the balance and the balance spring slices the time into equal parts, therefore enabling the accurate regulating of the movement of time. The movements of the balance spring, called oscillations, are what make a timepiece tick. The balance wheel’s total oscillations come to 385,000 turns per day.  

After diamond, sapphire is the hardest natural element on earth, which it is also highly scratch resistant. It is not likely to contact other harder materials, meaning it doesn’t age and it has a constant sheen that is easily restored to its everlasting beauty with a simple wipe. As a result, Tissot Touch family makes heavy use of this wonderous material in its watch faces and, in special items, the watch case backs.  

It does not need saying that the Swiss Made label is one of the Tissot core beliefs along with tradition, accuracy and creativity. Thus, it is not shocking that Tissot easily supports and promotes ideas that have these same values. Tissot has been heavily linked with Swiss Alpine tourism and Switzerland’s mountain scenery for many years in a range of fellowships. It partners the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC), with whom it has an allegiance to history, as well as the ever innovative Jungfrau railways. Tissot even maximised this pursuit of creation by supporting the First Cliff Walk by Tissot, in Grindelwald. The company has an excitingly innovative project on Glacier 3000, where they have added their brand to the globe’s first suspension bridge between two mountain peaks: Peak Walk by Tissot.

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