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Introduction to Tudor Glamour Watches

The most recent version of the watch is the Tudor Glamour Double Date, which comes in a very diverse range of dial designs. In fact, twenty two unique styles are available to choose from, which includes a variety that go big on bling with some diamonds especially for those less inclined toward minimalism.  

The Tudor Glamour Double Date was unveiled at an exhibition in Hong Kong with brand ambassador David Beckham in attendance. The key thing about the Tudor Glamour Double Date is that this watch provides a diverse choice to select from, with more dozens of combinations of style available. As a true dress watch, the Tudor Glamour Double Date is designed for those consumers who need simple elegance with a diverse range of styles. The style of bezels, bracelet and dial are all highly customisable, meaning buyers are guaranteed to land themselves the ideal Glamour Double Date watch.   

Renowned for its double bezel, the Tudor Glamour Double Date has unique edges that push all the way to the end of what is a perfectly proportioned 42mm case. This makes for an elegant and contemporary image. Available in steel or steel and yellow gold two tone, the beauty of the Tudor Glamour Double Date bezel lies in its smooth edges and sophisticated style that can truly alter the overall look of a watch. 

Straps also come in steel or steel and yellow gold, as well as a brown alligator leather option for a more classic image. The steel folding safety clasp provides a seamless aesthetic and ensures total safety and peace of mind for the owner. As Tudor promised with the Glamour Double Date, this is a highly customisable timepiece.  

Tudor Glamour Watches Style

Continuing with the theme of customisation, there are also 4 unique dial styles to choose from for buyers. Available in black, silver, champagne and opaline, the dial of the Tudor Glamour Double Date is made up of a pair of rings. Eye catching without ever being garish, this is just not in the Tudor DNA, there is a large double window date display at 12 o’clock.  

As always, the brand pays extra special attention to details, providing a range of hour marker styles for buyers to choose from. These include: opaline and blue indexes, black and rhodium plated or yellow gold plated hour marks, champagne with yellow gold plated hour marks and silver with yellow gold plated hour marks. It is also possible to include diamonds on the hour marks, a further degree of customisation ideal for those who love some sparkle.  

Internally the Glamour Double Date does not disappoint. The watch is blessed with a Manufacture Calibre MT5641 created especially for the Glamour Double Date. This means that the calibre boasts a tiny second hand and immediate date switching. Sturdy beyond belief, the movement of this watch is built to last for many, many years. Tudor watches are meant as an investment and the Glamour Double Date is truly no different.  

With a 70 hour power reserve, the Tudor Glamour Double Date is officially certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute, with this additional stamp of quality ensuring the utmost of workmanship has gone into the timepiece. The transparent casing on the back of the watch is yet another lovely flourish by Tudor, who have made it possible to view the amazingly precise and intricate mechanical movements within.  

Without a doubt, the Tudor Glamour Double Date represents a new frontier for the brand, who have experienced a quite remarkable renaissance since relaunching in 2009. This watch has been made to the highest technical specifications, ensuring all the robustness and quality of a Swiss timepiece. However where the Glamour Double Date from Tudor truly comes into its own is in aesthetics, with the highly changeable look of this watch’s bezel, dial and strap meaning you are unlikely to ever come across two of the same.   

For those seeking a blend of elegance and quality infused with retro style, the Tudor Glamour Day Date may be the perfect option.

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