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More About Tudor Heritage Advisor Watches

First brought in by Tudor way back in 1957, the Advisor was a popular alarm wristwatch that remained in production until around 1977, when it was discontinued. Today’s version of the watch, although similar in some ways, is a totally different product that is informed by rather than based on the original advisor.  

Whereas the original was a 34mm stainless steel piece with Oyster case and a manually wound movement featuring 1475 calibre, the new Heritage Advir by Tudor has been updated to modern tech specs and with contemporary design flourishes.  Indeed, this is an extremely lightweight watch with a 42mm case in titanium with a steel bezel. 

This lends the whole thing a clean, slick look and the plain lugs only add to this. The gorgeous lines of this product’s silhouette are much easier on the eye than with vintage expressions, while the inclusion of two crowns further launches the Heritage Advisor into the modern age. Speaking of the crowns, this brings us to the Heritage Advisor’s most interesting function: the alarm.  

With regards to the dial, the beveled track with black touches is a lovely flourish that will thrill retro design lovers, whilst the alternating hour and half hour markers are also a lovely nod to a bygone era of timekeeping style. The red alarm arrow marker is clear and easy to set, too, so there is no unnecessary fuss caused by what is a novel yet useful feature. 

The use of Arabic numerals is blended with simple stick type indicators, whilst there is a neat little window for the alarm’s on/off feature. The subdial representing date comes out of the inner dial around the 6 o’clock area.  

Making use of an ETA 2892 calibre, featuring a unique alarm module developed specifically for this watch by Tudor. Watch geeks will love that the Heritage Advisor sports the only in-house produced movement in any Tudor watch. Indeed, another unique element of the alarm is that it features an on-off switch that’s ideal for stopping the feature if you so choose.  

Tudor Heritage Goes With Everything

The real beauty of the Heritage Advisor is that it can be worn in any of a number of environments. As much a smart business piece as it is a weekender, the Tudor Heritage Advisor looks great with a shirt or t-shirt, something that is testament to this watch’s diversity. 

The option of black or white dial does not impact too much on the overall image of the watch and is rather a matter of personal preference.  For those seeking a beautifully designed wrist watch that’s both modern and classical in its sophistication, the Heritage Advisor by venerated Swiss watch company Tudor is a sterling option. 

The charm of its mechanical alarm is undoubtedly a massive draw for watch enthusiasts, whilst the sleek lightweight design is also a big plus. The fact that the alarm mechanism has been developed in house is also a draw for aficionados seeking to purchase a piece of history, whilst the more casual buyer will look to the Heritage Advisor’s retro charms when considering a purchase. 

Without doubt, Tudor is a company experiencing a startling renaissance in the modern world of watchmaking, with models such as the Heritage Advisor symbolic of the brand’s commitment to modern technology infused with classical elegance and flourishes. Masculine yet sophisticated, the Heritage Advisor’s alarm feature is the watch’s real trump card and is a touch that separates this chronograph from some other run of the mill options. 

For those seeking more from their mechanical Swiss watch, the Tudor Heritage Advisor represents a great opportunity to invest in a piece of contemporary watchmaking history that will last for many, many years to come.

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