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Introduction to Tudor Heritage Ranger

When Tudor relaunched in 2009, the brand was quick to release it’s Heritage Collection the following year, recognizing the cult following that their vintage watches had developed in the years since the brand’s initial hiatus. 

One of the latest models to be released under the Heritage line is the Ranger, an austere and visually powerful watch that harks back to the era of military and adventure timepieces. Taking the classic 3, 6, 9, 12 dial made famous by the Rolex Explorer and bringing it into the modern era via the past, Tudor have made a pared back timepiece that has many avid followers in the world of watchmaking. 

Modern to the core yet inspired by the vintage, the Tudor Heritage Ranger is a gorgeously simple watch. Using an Oyster bracelet with seamless links, the Heritage Ranger maintains a degree of sturdy masculinity that’s missing from other heritage and vintage inspired timepieces. In addition, each comes with a complimentary camouflage strap as well, for those days when there is serious adventuring to be done and a steel bracelet just won’t cut it.

How The Tudor Heritage Ranger Has Evolved

The modern Heritage Ranger pays respect to the design of the original whilst revelling in its new found flair. With bolder markings, a larger face and a thinness that just was not possible before, the new version is truly a modern watch. To top the whole thing off and mark this watch as a truly separate entity from the historic version of the Ranger, there is a large crown that contrasts the standard Rolex crown that the original possessed. 

The new version of the Tudor Ranger, the Heritage Ranger, pays homage to rather than copying the original. With a more modern aesthetic thanks to sleeker design, the Tudor Heritage Ranger has developed a cult following already. What the brand has been able to achieve so expertly is taking the very best features of the original - the boldness, the simplicity, the strap - and combine them into a new yet similar timepiece that possesses all of the robustness of other modern day vintage inspired timepieces. 

Immensely popular among those with an eye for the vintage, the Tudor Heritage Ranger has ensured that the brand continues it’s impressive renaissance. This is a timepiece that is packed with history and is something of a homage to a bygone era of watches when legibility and sturdiness were prized above all else. Luxurious without being flashy, the expertly crafted Heritage Ranger by Tudor is an excellent option for the modern man who values vintage styling but can not do without the sturdiness and high tech specs of a truly modern timepiece.

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