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For almost fifty years, the Swiss brand Tudor has been standing at the forefront of development in sporting chronograph watch design, creating timepieces with a clear idea of what they represent and robust standards of quality. 

In repeatedly pushing the boundaries of sporting chronograph design, Tudor creates watches that obviously fit into the modern times whilst having a strong retro image. With strong, masculine design flourishes, the Tudor Iconaut has developed its reputation as a truly landmark watch.  

Known across the horology world for its oversized steel bezel and crown guard, as well as a selection of sub dials in a range of colours and sizes, this well made timepiece has a silver sunburst dial with a date window and glow in the dark hands, with a standout chronograph feature. The Tudor Iconaut series impresses those who come across these watches with incredible accuracy and luxurious aesthetics. Precision and performance. These are the two elements that define this Swiss brand and so each and every product goes through the most rigorous of testing.   

Tudor watches are known the world over for their vintage inspired looks, and the brand proudly flaunts its adherence to design standards set back in the golden era of mechanical watches - the 1950s and 1960s. If Tudor could be summed up briefly, it would be with the following adage: timeless style meets contemporary technology.  

We especially love the stainless steel option with silver dial and oversized chronograph bezel, the epitome of versatility and a true exhibition of Tudor’s signature style and premium Swiss engineering. The Iconaut has a 44mm case and is crafted totally from stainless steel and has a gorgeous, striking silver face.  

The Tudor Iconaut is blessed with 10 bar waterproofing, meaning they can withstand up to 100 metres of depth. The steel bracelet with folding clasp is a symbiosis of metals that is so seamless as to be almost fused, whilst the oversized dial makes the Iconaut a truly legendary Tudor wrist watch.   

Each of the Iconaut watches in Tudor’s roster radiates a sophisticated elegance that is sure to catch eyes as well as compliments. The minimalism of this gorgeous watch means it is just as suited to a day’s sailing as it is a casual coffee.   

Tudor has gone through a stunning renaissance in recent years that has caught the attention of many of the global watch industry’s most significant players. It is through the attention to detail and elegance of watches such as the Tudor Iconaut that the Swiss brand has managed to reposition itself as one of the globe’s most exciting watchmakers and a real influencer in this most competitive of markets.

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