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The Tudor North Flag is a stunning, minimalist men’s wristwatch from resurgent Swiss watchmakers Tudor. Inspired by the brand’s Ranger II model from the 1970’s, this modern watch is a luxury sports timepiece that’s nonetheless informed heavily by classic models of a similar ilk.  

Featuring a variety of nods to the retro watches of the 70’s, such as a tonneau case, large bezel and large links in the bracelet, the North Flag is a unique item that has filled the gap in Tudor’s arsenal for a luxury sports product.  

Introduced by Tudor in 2015, the North Flag is notable for its divergence from the brand’s tendencies to release retro chronographs, meaning the North Flag is a real breath of fresh air from the brand. However the real coup for the North Flag comes in the form of Tudor’s first ever in house movement, showcased by a gorgeous transparent rear to the casing. 

Tudor Watch Movements 

Prior to the North Flag, Tudor relied wholly on movements from other brands, something which made their watches more affordable than, say, a Rolex, which is a cousin company to Tudor. With this watch, the brand is clearly spreading its wings and showcasing the Tudor made movement within, and why not for such an impressive achievement.  

Indeed, with a 70 hour power reserve and anti magnetic spiral, the movement is a thing of beauty that more than competes with the established Swiss made calibres. As with most Tudor releases, the North Flag’s movement is all about precision and efficiency and, to this end, the watch is a clear success.  

This 1970’s inspired timepiece is designed beautifully on the outside, too. The sporty aesthetic is given a vintage edge by the inclusion of large links in the tapered bracelet, a prominent bezel and seamless lugs. This 40mm watch is slightly on the smaller side, a nod to its vintage styling that makes this product wonderfully suited to all wrist sizes. This is a thin model, too. At just 13.5mm the North Flag feels elegant on the wrist, making this a truly luxurious yet sporty model. 

Waterproof to 100m, this watch does not hold back on robustness for all of its dainty thinness and slick good looks.  The dial of this watch is another thing to behold, with an athletic aesthetic that hails a new era for Tudor timepieces. 

Uncompromising and cool as anything, the dial is highly legible and comes in an alluring shade of black, complete with matte finish to add to the 70’s cool. With yellow accents that add a touch of detailed colour to proceedings, the North Flag has an overall minimalist look to its dial yet with more than enough features not to be boring.  

The overall colour profile of this watch is masculine and yet playful enough to be exciting. Stainless steel and black are dominant in the case, bracelet and dial, whilst yellow accents allude to the sporty nature of the watch just enough to make things feel racy.

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