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Tudor 1926 Watches for Sale

With a name deriving from the year in which Tudor name was first registered by Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf. The watch stands alone in the Tudor canon yet remains true to the brand’s heart and soul. Tudor always seeks to blend the old and the new, with the 1926 series overtly inspired by vintage styles with modern technology nonetheless heavily featured. 

The huge selection range of the Tudor 1926 family is one of its biggest draws, with the dials in particular having a massive range available. Black, opaline and silver faces are matched with either a polished or waffle pattern, something which truly harks back to the early years of Tudor watches. Nostalgia reigns supreme with this collection, with a slight doming to the case glass as well as old school swords hands. 

With Arabric numerals and diamond accents on alternating digits, there is a further element of vintage style whilst numbers are always very easy to read with their contrasting colours and textures. Interestingly, there is no cyclops glass over the date window.  

Available in four sizes; 28mm, 36mm, 39mm and 41mm, this is a truly unisex line of watches from Tudor, whose newest releases are increasingly aimed at both genders. With cases available in all steel or in two tone steel and rose gold, there are beautiful voluptuous curves throughout, with no crown guards involved as the 1926 is a vintage styled dress watch. The jubilee bracelet is crafted from seven links which features polished inners and brushed outers.   

For this series of watches, Tudor reverts back to using movements from Swiss ébauche manufacturer ETA rather than use its own in house movements. This keeps the cost down although some purists will see this as a regressive move. Most of the range uses the ETA 2824, a reliable, consistent calibre with a 38 hour power reserve. This is true for all except the smallest model of the 1926 - the 28mm - which uses a more petite ETA 2671.  

In short, all versions of the Tudor 1926 represent a perfect fusion of practicality and vintage cool that will grace the wrist of anybody in spectacular fashion. Each of the 1926 watches in Tudor’s roster radiates a sophisticated level of diver style that is sure to catch eyes as well as compliments. The minimalism of this gorgeous watch means that it is one of the most exciting new dress watch releases in years.  

Tudor has gone through an amazing resurgence in recent years that has caught the attention of many of the global watch industry’s most significant players. It is through the attention to detail and vintage style of watches such as the Tudor 1926 that the Swiss brand has managed to reposition itself as one of the globe’s most exciting watchmakers and a real influencer in this most competitive of markets. The fact that the watch is also highly customisable for both men and women is yet another coup for the brand, who have managed to design a retro item with modern tech specs that allows the buyer to truly have it whatever way they like.

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