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Back in 1962, the essentials of the Chronomaster calibre initially took off on the ideas board. The concept was minimalist: to make a legendary timepiece that could be released for the 100 year anniversary of the Zenith factory in 1965. The premise was simple, yet the engineering needed was not. Indeed, this watch would go on to be the first automatic chronograph watch of all time. Even more impressive, the calibre would be fully integrated and the whole watch would be created as one integral piece.   

There was to be zero additional item, yet rather a creation constructed around a column wheel and a central rotor upon ball bearings. In addition, there was a need for a high frequency for this to be the world’s most precise chronograph. To make matters more complicated still, the calibre was to be made as small as possible and given a date feature. All these facts created an issue so complicated that it would take many years to fix, a total of four years over the initial anniversary date.  

This watch went beyond the amazing mechanism within, with the El Primero Chronomaster also bringing in new ideas around design, too. During an era in which the trend for watches leaned toward monotone dials, the Zenith iteration boasted an unseen variety of colours, showing contrasting effects to enhance the readability of the numerals: the brightest shade for the seconds and the dullest for the hours, with a middle color for the minutes. Available in light grey, anthracite and blue, this blend of colours would very soon become legendary.  

More than 40 years later, Chronomaster continues to be the most precise watch series chronograph ever. The single watch able to measure short times up to the nearest tenth of a second. The Chronomaster is also one of the most honoured watches of all, holding certifications and awards by a range of distinctions. The developed iterations of this famous calibre are now held in a total collection holding the famous name. It tends to require around nine months just to craft one single timepiece in the Chronomaster family. All in all, a range of 2,500 functions are carried out by 300 highly skilled workers and a total of 18 varying metals are employed.  

Many watches are given a “small complication” like a minute repeater, some have a mechanism as complicated as a gyroscopic “Gravity Control” module. Indeed, the Chronomaster calibre stands out for the amazing ability to vibrant at a rate of 36,000 vibrations per hour. In addition, the power reserve on this watch is uncanny for a high frequency this high.  

By performing 10 vibrations a second, the seconds and chronograph markers show tenths of a second. This highly accurate design is furthermore improved by rating regularity, because the greater the amount of oscillations, the greater the difference in rate because of external things like gravity and impact.  

Although the integrated Chronomaster calibre shows the highest version of the chronograph watch with a column wheel to orientate its use as opposed to a cam, one of the constructors’ most esteemed ideas was the ability to combine high frequency along with a power reserve of more than 50 hours. This is due to the fact that doubling the frequency at the same time as maintaining the level of inertia of the balance suggests increasing the energy requirements eightfold.  

The Chronomaster calibre has been able to change over the decades, frequently given the benefit of additional complexity, stylish mechanism and fresh materials. These days it is available in a total of 23 different versions. With an uncanny creative boldness and a legendary need to bring together the entire range of horology abilities into its Manufacture, Zenith can go on creating a variety of the best chapters in the legendary story of watchmaking for hundreds of years yet.

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Taylor Lakes
Zenith Chronomaster Watches
Zenith’s Chronomaster watches are truly a show stopper. The precise details in each watch is something everyone should take a closer look at. This Chronomaster is the first ever tourbillon fusee-chain calibre and has a manual winding El Primero with a fusee-chain escapement. The model comes in a variety of colors and a case diameter of 45mm.
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